Bit of an odd one this… but does anyone outside of the UK know about/understand the playground game of conkers?


Please let me know if you play it in your country… :smiley:


wats that??? plzz tell me aswell:)


Conkers is a game children play at school (well, used to - I think Pokemon is the new alternative)

Here’s a description :

But - Do other Countries play conkers?


Might be an idea to search Google for chestnut tree distribution info :slight_smile:


i remember throwing chestnuts at the girls was always fun, we build little stickfigures out of them and we even collected them to sell’em to a local farmer who raised deers - but i can’t think of any game named “conkers” we played, nor any other game with chestnuts involved.

cheers, carsten


Haha! You don’t know what you’ve missed…long afternoons searching the parks for the perfect cheesecutter…losing shoes, frisbees, footballs trying to get the little bastards down…inventing new and wonderful ‘hardening’ recipes…the thrill of battle…the pain in your knuckles from a wayward swing…the sound of the cheers as your opponent’s conker disintegrates from a blow from your own mighty chestnut! Huzzah!

wipes tear from eye

sigh…those were the days, when it was all grass stains, grazed knees, jam sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer.


Well, we play it in Ireland. (or at least did when I was a kid)
We used our shoelaces for strings. Different rules to the ones you’ve described, but no doubt these things are very open to local variations. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it a 3DCG related game?


Is it a 3DCG related game?

No… but it could be - hence my question…

:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:




i like the game “Conker’s bad fur day…”


damn flood control…


What about a MEL/dynamics game of conkers? That would be cool! You could link up a shatter node to break it when it was hit with a certain amount of force! Now that’s a good little project…


jumpers for goal posts…


We used to play it here in New Zealand :thumbsup:


only if i was in my village…who does that in a busy metropolitan life…yeah even the metropolitan children don’t do that…:rolleyes: :smiley:


jumpers for goal posts…

Isn’t it? Doesn’t it? Mmmmm…


I remember soaking my ‘best’ conkers in vinegar, then they just rotted and the shells fell off… bugger.

Well thanks all for the international state of conkers! :smiley:

Was an idea… but have a different one now (he says slyly)


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