Confusion: ICE replaces older simulation tools?



Bear with me if this is a dumb question, but I’m totally new to ICE and by looking at the documentation it seems to overlap a lot of stuff found in the simulation or dynamics part of XSI (and documentation).

Does it replace everything found in the traditional simulation side? rigid bodies? forces? particles? Or am I getting this totally wrong.

I would like to clarify this, as I would like to learn a little about simulations, but I would not want to spend time and money on something that already obsolete and just there for compatibility’s sake. In other words, is there any point trying to learn the “traditional” simulation anymore or should I start directly with ICE?


While ICE intends and plans to be more generic than just particles, yes, one of its purposes is replacing the old particle dynamics.
If you want to do anything with particles, use ICE, the old particles are going the way of the dodo or gone already.

RBD, SBD and cloth are still separate systems, or rather, have separate systems available for them, but there’s quite a bit of each you can do, augment or replicate in ICE.


Ah, Thanks for clearing that out :slight_smile:


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