Hi i am beginner in figure drawing and want to learn it.I have already started doing gesture drawing.Now my question is i want to buy a book on this subject to give my start a boost.I have made my decision on two

  1. The Natural way to Draw
  2. Vilppu Drawing DVD’s
    Which of the following do u ppl think will help me out.:slight_smile:



I would go with choice 2: :wink:

  1. Vilppu Drawing DVD’s

You are welcome to create your own Sketchbook here:

Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads

I just ask that you look at this thread first:

FAQ: Can I Create My Own Sketchbook or Anatomy Thread?

As well, this thread may be of use to you:

Personal Sketchbook Primer and Tutorial / Workshop Guide

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply Rebeccak.Good to get an answer from a pro like you.
I checked out ur links.Can i join the Begineers Lounge since i think it starts from Gesture which will help me since i am too on the same stage.:slight_smile:



You are welcome to join in any Tutorial and Workshop and any threads here on the forum - I think the Beginners’ Lounge is a good place to start. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the feedback Rebeccak.Do you think any of this book will help

  1. Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters
  2. Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters: 100 Great Drawings Analyzed, Figure Drawing Fundamentals Defined

Also i have visited a website named you think this exercises will help me out.:slight_smile:


Hi sanjukoli,

I second Rebecca’s choice, the Vilppu DVD’s are awesome. I only own three, but eventually I plan to get the entire collection. I own quite a few anatomy books and they just don’t compare to Vippu’s DVD series. My wife thinks I’m a freak, but I actually watch them when I’m on the treadmill.


hi Sanjukoli!
I know that you’re looking for book, and I might be going a bit against the grain here, but, there’s nothing that you can learn from book unless you observe people in real life.
I have always loved life drawning ahd to start off, it did look at some books… well, at least, up until my father caught me, and “kicked” me out of the house with a sketch book and a pencil in my hand, saying that life was outside and not in a book.
Sure, drawing from life it difficult, so I started out bit by bit, first I started from pictures, but I didn’t feel satisfied, because, they make your drawings look too “2 dimensional”. Then I moved on to sculptures, there’s nothing nicer that going to a museum and just get lost amongst the statues and paintings.
After that, when I started feeling a little bit more confident I started life drawing classes, because, nothing replaces a good life drawing teacher. Finally, I started going out and about, and drawing people moving around… This is really makes my heart pump, what a rush! Trying to capture people as they move around (especially , little children!!) might be frustrating but, sometimes you can really capture something special.
So, do the Anatomical lesson, it is a nice way to start and show your drawings to as many people as possible. At first, first your drawings will be a little shakey but, if you persist pretty soon an A0 piece of paper won’t be able to contain you :bounce:



Hi Fazendinha,
Thanks for the Advice.I now came to know that it is through practice and not books we learn anything in life.:slight_smile:
Hey books r needed but practice is what takes you Places.


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