Conforming geometry onto curved surface (without scripts)


This tutorial is pretty old so I wonder if this can be done without any scripts .


do as the video , if some faces go wrong , restart the operation


Sure it can…
Skin wrap geometry to some Conform Compound (Wrapper) planar geo.
Set “Curved Surface” as “Wrap to” obj.


at 0:55 when I have to pick Patch it doesnt let me choose the curved surface. It says illegal patch. I have it set up exactly like yours: an editable poly with a Turn to patch modifier on top . I have max 2020.3 . Is this Patch deform an old version of modifier ?


you should copy and quadrify it , patch can’t with any non-quadrilateral face


Im pretty sure its all quads or what are you trying to suggest ?


maybe need to check your patch model


Il send you my max scene conform object to surface.max (2.3 MB)


save a 2017 version file pls , my highest max is 2017


changed it to 2017


turn to mesh first , will be ok


you mean Editable Poly > Turn to mesh> Turn to Patch, this kind of stack ? Still says illegal patch lol


Collapse/convert to e. mesh than turn to patch…

But you can’t do it with any topology.

You have more options with Conform Compound obj.

But all this procedures , yours/ Arrimuss video proc. including, will not give simplest, fastest or best results in modeling.
You can see actually pretty bed result in the end of video…


your model’s topology isn’t primitive meshes , so you need use another deform , see video


what’s all the hubbub ?


the position of the Conform Object001 is not important, its rotation is…play around with it.

ps: you can blow away the Turn to Patch too…not needed.

Conform_fix.max (2.3 MB)


conform limit too much , and they are not alike


well before me…didn’t see anyone posting a fix…

but hey feel free to get on your high horse.


well it worked. :grinning: A bit of strange workflow but it does the job. If I want to have nice topology on the Curved surface after I collapse the NURBS to editable poly how to get all nice quads instead of triangles ?

conform object to surface 2.max (2.0 MB)


Lol I completely forgot about the Space Warps Conform version. Lol how many conforms does 3ds Max Have. ?

It seems to work isnt it ? What is AEI trying to hint at ?

Is this the same workflow like displayed in this old vid

I wonder if the Conform brush in the Freeform tools on the Ribbon (the one used for retopo) can do the job as well

Ill have to try Conform from Compound objects as well.


what i mean is they are similar but different , conform is fast for flat surface , deform keep original effect for rugged surface