Conforming an Object's Translation to the Deformation of a Surface Without Deforming It


I have a Noise modifier applied to a surface and animated by Phase parameter. I need anothery object to move as connected to this deformed surface, but NOT get deformed by that deforming modifier.

To put it another way I need something like a solid object floating on a deformed mesh like water.


simplest is Animation>Constraints>Attachment Constraint

but I don’t know if that’s sophisticated enough for your situation tho. It’s ‘stuck’ to one spot.


Thank you!! Just what I’m looking for, plus very simple to use.:smiley:


great…the only gotcha here is the smooth…ie. you place your object exactly where you want it…then as soon as you add a Turbosmooth…or whatever…the number of faces changes…aaaaaaand you’re screwed !

So may be have smooth on in the first place and all the time…then set your attachment


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: You might have saved me a lot of trouble. That was the plan. Adding Turbosmooth after making some clones.

Turbosmooth has separate viewport and rendering settings. Does that screw things up, too?


I did test this as a workaround but unfortunately it didn’t work


What’s wrong with projecting down from a point helper and placing the object on the surface at the intersection position ? That way you can choose to use the normal of the surface or not…

Doesn’t Max come with a built in MCG controller for this exact thing ?


yes I remember there was a tute written on this with the boat on an ocean surface…but can’t be arsed going to look for it…


ahhhh…there’s the little bugger…it’s called RayToSurfaceTransform

the MCG is in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 201x\MaxCreationGraph\Packages

can drag/drop into viewport to install I think. You move the point helper around, that projects the teapot on to the surface.

Sorry, forgot too much MCG already.

RayToSurfaceTransform.max (712 KB)