Confetti / glitter texture (Mental Ray)


I have a small problem with a texture I can’t get right, it should be something like this:

I have a scene with one (photometric) light. I have a background with on top of this my confetti’s shape (an extruded spline). Model is OK but the texture is a problem. I started with a “Arch & Design” material, diffuse color red (because I want red confetti’s) and the reflection looks like this:
The image used for glossiness is this one:

The render itself at the moment looks like this, you clearly see there is not red at all on the confetti’s.

Thanks for your time & help.


I dont use Mental Ray, but probably this could help you, I suggest you to add a Normal Map

The texture you posted I colored one in RED and other in GREEN, I rotated 90º the green one and added it as SCREEN over the red one. And added a BLUE channel

To have a Reflection in color I think you must activate the “Metal material”
non-metal objects reflect the same color as the light source (white), to have a colored reflection you must add Metalness


Hello Osukaanimation,
Thanks for your reply but I would like to have them “flat / soft”, if I add a normal map like you suggested the confetti’s won’t be flat but have a “rough” texture.
I already tried the “metal material” checkbox but it makes no difference :frowning: