concern with you amola2k?!?


Wow dude don’t you have a life or what?!? The forum is bursting with your freaking meaningless posts. Maybe I’m seeing this wrong and if so someone pls fill me in on the purpose of this massive posting killing spree.

Sorry for any annoyance, I know this is topic has nothing to do with game design, so pls delete it soon, but I’m just wondering wtf is up…


don’t think hes doing anything wrong :confused:

his posts r relevant and their not flames or nething.


Well his posts are pretty damn meaningless.
He couldve posted his comments when the topics
were fresh, so his crits or comments could be of
importance or be of any value to the thread starter.

Because of his posts al fresh threads are being pushed down,
and old threads get on top. Very confusing, and irritating.


Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with a few posts, but 4 pages worth, well that a different matter. Makes you wonder whether he really wanted to give input or just increase his post count (which is really dumb).


i got some lovely (warm fuzzy feeling, but no real help) feedback from amola2K. However, this forum now looks like it has been shuffled by a card shark. Maybe he/she is a forum virus (note the 2K… and amola sounds a lot like ebola) sent to confuse this chronologically pedantic gaggle of gamers.

even if he/she is a malicious string of code, it’s still nice to be appreciated.


ok. now i can’t find anything i’m looking for. all the current stuff has been pushed so far down the list, it’s basically off the radar. Maybe amola/ebola is sabotaging the competition…



although he did shuffle things around a bit amola2k is entitled to post his thoughts.

amola2k please refrain from doing so much posting at a single moment :slight_smile:

Thread closed as it doesn’t pertain to the creation of Game art

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