Conceptart "We found something in Forest"


Its my concept art that i start from paint a dirt.))
Very long time ago i want to paint winter Forest with some WW2 soldiers to create some atmosphere i hope you a like it.


I think it depends on what the purpose of this image is supposed to be. If it’s meant to be mainly a concept art piece, with the main focus on the design of the character, then you can leave it as is. But if you want to turn it into a narrative piece, then the possibilities are numerous–your imagination is the only limitation. If that’s the case, then don’t think about the image itself, and start thinking about the story you want to tell with this character. Switch gear to storytelling and focus on that, and then from doing that, you’ll end up with a bunch of ideas–some of which will be appropriate to incorporate into the image you currently have. There might even be ideas that would require you to alter the character’s pose a bit, and you might even come up with ideas that would require you to do a whole different piece, but that’s what’s exciting about being a visual storyteller–the possibilities are endless.


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