Concept WIP


for all of you who dont have concept and are working with Pablo…(also Pablo you can show off here)


Hello guys, that’s the progress so far, just starting, I will need a lot of feedback from all of you once I get to key points in the design, and remember that anything you need let me know, been a little quiet lately but I’m starting now.


Some Concepts for my creature, looking for hibring two elements as in the original idea but conceptually more developed


last update on the creature, been playing around with the shape of the head and getting more familiar with the overall shapes that conform the body.



Pablo…I really liked the early sketches of his face…where the head resembled this old man with multi eyes…(the second pic) with the flower/vagania face…with the buck teeth fangs

just a thought…but what is the functionality of the body?

I like the idea he has these 2 big fore arms…like a gorilla woulld have (where he propels himself around on his knuckles)…and drags this slug like body around with him…and the smaller carapillar legs are there just to keep his balance…almost non functional apendages like a T-Rex’s arms…

is he bi-ped or quad?

whats this guys background story? he alien …where does he come from…etc…


post that sketch you did in muddbox…I like the fact she was ****able…and yet a monster…you find that ratio and you find your monster…

IMO that was what made geigers work so appealing…there was plenty of slimy phaluses…and things going into orfices…and then like …a hot chicks face…


pablo, I def have to agree with Paul about the early sketches. That second sketch is ****ing great! To me when I look at it, it invokes a world of curiosty to know who and what this character is. Not to mention his facial forms and color scheme in this state I find very appealing. There is something strong and king like about him in that drawing. Plus I’m a huge fan of bust images like that. Not to fond of the other body pics, but that is just my pesonal taste.


Thanks for the feedback guys, I came back to the original shape of the head, did this quick painting for the head, tomorrow I’ll post some sketches about this guy life cycle, here’s the brief description of this guy.

He is the descendant of one of the cosmic entities or cosmic gods, it’s my take in Lovecraftian mythology this may be the god hidden in the underground city from At the mountains of madness, I imagine that the cosmic gods sent one of their sons to every planet, this creature is the transmutator of life, he takes life and creates new one, it’s a giant creature, thinking like Godzilla size, maybe bigger, this creature came to the earth after the dinos, he destroyed almost everything spawning new life at every step, he was caugh in the ice age in the artic zone, there he remained dormant after the meltdown.
He is suppossed to be very slow, he is constantly dripping saliva from the tentacles in his face, that saliva melts everything living it touches and then he sucks it with the tentacles at the end of his limbs, his tail is secreting fluids that he sintetized from digested life, from those fluids, new species of life were spawned into the new era.
He was thrown to the earth in his cocoon state, I’ll post some stuff tomorrow.


here, some little paintovers, on old concepts, keep trying different options for the head, let me know what do you guys think.

Was thinking in justifying that line in the middle as a divided lip.

Made his arms wider, he may bend and instead of using the limbs to suck he can use the tentacles in the face, that would make more sense and maybe that will give me a chance to do some funny hands.

Still need to post the life cycle, do it tomorrow.


I liked the fact that you went back to the head that had a more old mans face…

after I read the back story behind the creature and the fact this guys is gonna be super tall like a building…I really like breaking up the nose…

it still has face yet it reads better for somethign with that scale…

besides I always liked noses you can kind of go Vagina on …LOL…anywhere you can slip in a strange orfice…always is geiger…lovecraft…(also makes for good texture)…IMO


This could be the first stage in the lifecycle of the creature, that’s how it falls to earth.

here’s a rough animatic showing the cycle, lol


A front view of the body


Some leg silhouettes

Some doodling for the back


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