Concept; Sunday Afternoon In Near Future, Han (2D)


Title: Concept; Sunday Afternoon In Near Future
Name: Han
Country: S.f
Software: Photoshop

what does it look like at afternoon on some near future sunday after people started to insert machines in their body for some reason?
that’s what makes me paint this one.
i was enjoying this one and hope you too.


Sketch felling really great


That’s a pretty unique style, I like it very much.


Interesting piece, I really like the insect


woow nice sketchin…:thumbsup:
it’s would be good concept also !!!"


very beautifully stroked …



That’s wonderful shapes and tone! Nothing to say more :slight_smile:


george&guo, RealmStudios, giza, direndra, phoenix, and shserge, thank you.
i am trying to develop a new style for my concept work.


I really like the dark, kinda goth-ish touch, to the image. That thing with the long legs reminds me a bit of the bug from The Matrix. The one the agents insert into Neo…
It’s a really nice piece of work, and its great to see something else than the manga characters and the orcs for a change :smiley:


I’m waiting to see more works of you, there is something really strong in this picture.


Refreshing to see some traditionall medium in today mess of digital.

Not to mention the choice of topic. You could call it " anatomy study of the future".

I hope we’ll never go that far into symbiosis with machines.

Great work, keep it coming !


[CBD]LuC, Riddick, Addiso. i will keep my pen buzzing. thank you so much.


Great Draughtsmanship.Wonderful colour.I like the way the foreground and background interreact to create the picture plane.


Unbelivable style and idea it is really a eccentric fascinating piece of art.:thumbsup:


Whoa!!! I’m freaking out!!!

This is one crazy/cool, stylistic piece!!!


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