Concept Jeep - Low Poly, DeepuDCS005 (3D)


Title: Concept Jeep - Low Poly

Name: DeepuDCS005

Submitted: 4th February 2016

Concept Jeep - Low Poly


Very nice. But I think you need to lose that “protruding toolbox thingee” in front. Maybe mount it on the roof and have a ladder down one of the sides so people can get up to it.

I think I know what you were trying to do… to make the front more interesting. But sometimes just having a nice clean profile on the front works better.

Try it out and see for yourself. :slight_smile:


Tool Box? lol
That’s not a tool box “thingy”,that’s part of the motor/engine…lol,tool box.omgosh.


nice concept, how much is the polycount?


Nice concept. I however do agree with CGI Padawan about the box on the front. It looks like it is just plopped there. I would think about its form and function

I don’t understand why CgStudios is lol; CGI Padawan made a justifiable critique. Now if that is an engine, I would like for you to think of a couple of things. If this is a military vehicle, as it gives the appearance of it being so, one why is the engine so small. I would think that such a powerful looking vehicle would need a bigger engine. Two, why is the engine in such a compromising position. It paints a clear target for the enemy to quickly disable it with it protruding like that. It doesn’t look armored enough to withstand basic arms fire.

This is my opinion, and with all critiques, take what you will from it! :keenly:


Just JbImagime it’s a filter or similar for desert climates.It could be a myriad of different things and to sit there and say shoulda ,woulda,coulda means you shoulda,woulda,coulda so let’s see how you would do it instead of yapping.That’s my point.


Nowhere did I say coulda, shoulda, woulda, don’t put words in my mouth. I was merely commenting on how you came across as disrespectful to someone offering constructive criticism. I also offered my own constructive criticism; you should learn what that is. You sound very sensitive, willing to criticize someone, but unwilling to accept criticism yourself. If that is the case, good luck on your career.




very good modelling i like it :keenly:


From a practical point of view, the design is all wrong, its very front heavy, even more so with the engine protruding out of the front, particularly in light of the short wheel base and axle positioning. I like the overall look and little details, like the tire tread pattern on the mirrors, so its a nice model, just not thought out very well if it where to apply to the real world.


Cool design!

About the “toolbox”, I think it all depends on what purpose and what role it could play in a movie or game, etc. With this kind of nose it gives it a funny and original look and it could be what it needs depending on the context of its role.



Why are you apologizing? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not worth losing sleep over… but my only opinion given the heft and shape of the vehicle was that a completely flat front area (without the “engine protrusion”) would have looked better.

But as I said in the original critique… I think I can understand what was his intent. Sometimes you do want to “mix it up” in an obvious area like the front.

That’s it.

For all we know the engine of this truck is in the rear! or in the middle! :stuck_out_tongue:


For all we know the engine of this truck is in the rear! or in the middle! " - Seriousely bro???..

Why cant it be in the front ?..

For god sake…it is just a concept…i made it 3d from a 2d reference i saw in deviant art…i just modified a little with extra nuts, more safe guard bars and lights.

NOTE : its smeones design…i just made it look little more cooler

thnx for notifying all the mistakes and ur views :slight_smile:


hey bro be a stud and give credit to the designer at Deviant Art too k? Who drew it up?


Cool concept but yeah, too be fair crediting the reference’s author by name, would be the done thing. As for the model aestheticaly looks suitably robust, whether recreation offroad or military application, said with firsthand experience in the latter.


Concept is done by Toph Gorham -

I’ve worked with Toph for 2 years, so I really feel personal if somebody doesn’t credit him and takes the ownership of the design.


Nice work :slight_smile: