CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: "Star Wars: Steampunk"


I have some more kind words, well a huge list of them, but amazing concepts, cool design, and brilliant work, are all I can say, I’m sure many others would like to use some of the words on the list. 10000 Words.


another quick one, I am kind of new on speed paint so I really don’t know when to stop and to me it looks to detailed to be a speed paint but not good enough to be a finished piece anyway I just want to show you the concept.


Asajj Ventress concept art for the HMC ^^


Sorry for cross-posting between threads but it seems people are posting in three threads?


Great concepts I like how the poor sick yoda is turning out great colors


Gyorkland : thanks!

Here’s a Jawa, yay


I just have to bump this thread. Masterpiece theatre!

I am inspired to do some of my own…


I think this topic is Awesome!! I wanted to make C3PO a useful character, so I gave him a purpose a giant guard bot I thought would be cool. Enjoy!!!:arteest:


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