CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: "Star Wars: Steampunk"


ps cs ,

I wanted to draw a sith with coil-metal burning sabers, and the energy is coming from the steam back pack.

danielh68 : very nice brush work. the tent is wonderful

CaveatScoti : thanks a lot for inspiration… and your work is awesome


Thanks all for the kind comments.

Helzer- awesome as always.

Kudos too to Art2

Kevin- always welcome.


Photoshop 60 min
I enjoyed coming up with the name more than anything else. :love:


Art2, please post your version anyway! I’d love to see your take on the same idea…


Great stuff everyone.


This stuff just rocks you guys, I didn’t have time when it was up in DSF , but I think I might give it a shot.


hour and 15

“Blockaid Runner”


That is just cool Daniel, I am not sure which one I like best of yours :slight_smile:


Thank you, Ivy00 :slight_smile: Here’s another one I did this morning.


This thread is great!

Spent more time on this than was probably wise but I had some fun with it. Based it off some of those old propaganda posters.

4 hrs
Painter, Photoshop


Awesome renditon of a Stormtrooper :thumbsup:


Someone please can help me showing what i have to do to post my work on this thread?
I’ve searched also in the correct support forum but i wasn’t able to read my post.


Just upload your image in a hosting site (Like Photobucket) reply to this thread and post your image. (there is a image icon on the rediting panel to upload images)



Ok thanks a lot!!!
I’ll try immediatly.
I felt lost cause I was sure i can post my portfolio or through outer sources.


I’ve done this quick sketch in about 1 hour 45 minutes with Photoshop cs2.
I think that WW1 is a good inspiration to me:threnches, barbedwire, gas mask and old planes fit in with Steampunk background…so here we are with Old X-Wings model.
CeC are extremely WELCOME


Sorry for the double posting!


Daniel, Painboy, Ming very nice stuff guys!


Hi, this is my first post here at CGTalk…I think.

 So, I really liked the idea and laid out a quick sketch in painter, and then rendered it abit. Thats all, about one hour I think.



This is an awesome thread, and it already has a lot of cool ideas. Here’s my quick contribution


Man, some really fantastic submissions since I last checked :slight_smile:

System 404, your piece steals the show. What a clever and stunning re-imagination of the Lord of the Sith :thumbsup: Excellent!