CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: "Star Wars: Steampunk"


Hahaha Shawshank you’re a genius!

p.s. thanks Mitchelhunt for the compliment.


interesting concept, reminds me of steam boy:D, so here is “steam trooper”
photop shop, 40 min.


Hope I’m not too late!

I call it “Biwing Fighter”

50 min. Photoshop CS
I fitting trial by fire for my Intuos3 6x8


It’s never too late :thumbsup:


Late entry on this one, and WAAAY over time, but I couldn’t resist. About 3hrs 20, total.


God this thread is so cool I am tempted to make it into a sticky.

Guys please do keep posting on it.



heheh, thanks Roberto :slight_smile:

Caveat, excellent!


Caveat - OMG thats amazing

Shawshank - you get the comments award!

great thread


he, he, yeah actually I think my entry sucks and was considering to take it out all together but I cant be bothered. Your yoda is cool, some nice stuff here!

CaveatScoti, WOW!


Boushh - the mysterious bounty hunter.

Like Caveat, I couldn’t stop this sketch… I stopped at 2.5-3 hours… definitely under 3 hours.


Art2, I love your Han and Boba! And specialbrew’s R2-as-boiler is also exceedingly cool. Here’s my steampunk Grand Moff Tarkin:

It took about 45 minutes – you can tell when I started to rush cause his boots are all scribbly. :smiley:

It looks a bit like Peter Cushing, right?..Right?


This thread has really exploded! Awesome work! Special notice to Caveat and Art 2 :slight_smile:

another one, 1hr and ten.


danielh68, that’s a sick sketch, man. Love Jabba as the combination circus-ringmaster/pimp.
How did you do the spirally bits (aka tubes) around his seat? some sort of special brush?


Guys I am going to move this thread to the WIP 2d section, so in effect this will be am OPEN thread as long as you guys want it to be.


So we can post multiple works now?


You always could do that…

Anyway, looking forward to more work.


that’s great Roberto! You might as well get rid of that time limit, heheh… :smiley:

CarlG, good sketch! I had the same idea :slight_smile:

Daniel, awesome! Colors please :smiley:


danielh, thats supersweet.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Art2 - thank you, if I find time I will.

carlg - Thanks, as well. That particular brush is found in the PS assortment brushes. It just an overlapping circle. It’s a great brush for discovering forms. If you can’t find it, let me know and I will send it to you.


Ok moved the thread…

Have fun guys!