CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: "Star Wars: Steampunk"


This thread is making waves…

Check it out:


:applause: awesome Tie fighter!


Had to vote for the X-Wing just because it was modeled after my baby.


just came across this thread. awesome.

word to the kicken’ass ass-kickers, PAINBOY, SYSTEM404, MILJENKO1! you guys rock.


A work in progress.


We will use this thread as a basis for a HCR Modeling contest soon in about two months.
To all, Keep the concept art coming


Wow, CaveatScoti, cool Leia. Hmmm glad to see this thread alive, makes me want to go back and do more designs.

Great news on the HRC modeling topic. Would be great to see some of these concepts in 3d.


Hell I might do some sketches myself…


Saw this thread and thought I’d post a wee doodle.

Steam Grievous. I know he isn’t ‘classic trilogy’, but I thought he’d look good with a bit of extra brass.

Done with photoshop and good old pencil and paper. :slight_smile:


This WILL BE the next topic for the HCR modeling challenge…
And the people will be able to pick from the sektches in this thread…

So if you want to contribute a design you have about 3 weeks!

For those looking for reference:


Hi all,

This is a really cool challenge. I never heard of Steam Punk until now. I love it!
There are some awesome sketches here. Great work everyone!

I won’t be entering the challenge because I’m brand new at this stuff and have a long way to go before I’m ready. Need to learn about rendering, lighting, texturing, etc. etc…but, I worked on this for a couple of days and thought I’d share :slight_smile:



Well, it’s basically an Americanised pastiche of Eugène Delacroix’s “La liberté guidant le peuple” so, yeah, on both counts.


We are live…

Guys you may post more concetp art on this thread…



Here’s some of my concepts, more to come


Chewbacca, crazy crazy monkey


Those are some unbelievably cool concepts, Bjorn! I’m tempted to do the Storm Trooper or Yoda, but I’m just too busy with other things. I hope it’s ok with you if I model one of these later down the road. They’re just so damn cool! :cool:


just warming up, great thread I’ll be posting more for sure
time, hour and a half I guess.


Bjorn, that’s just awesome man. :applause:


thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words a lot!