Concept Car (NAGA), Nitin Khosa (3D)


Title: Concept Car (NAGA)
Name: Nitin Khosa
Country: Switzerland
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Naga = Sanskrit/Hindi word for King Cobra. Naga is a slightly retro open top two seater concept sports car. The design takes inspiration from extended hood of a Cobra snake.

The flowing curves of the snake’s head is mimicked in the shape of the car’s front end. The snake theme is continued graphically via the stylized snake skin pattern on the bonnet, side air intake, wheels and rear engine cover areas.

Naga is a rear wheel drive car powered by a venom spitting hybrid power unit located towards the mid/rear section of the vehicle.

Small storage area is located at the front along with power cells for backup power.

Thanks for viewing. Additional larger images can be viewed here-


Awesome! I’m suprised there are no other comments, it’s hard not to comment on such hard work put into detail, I really like your renders and especially the interior seat ones, the materials are very cool! Congrats!


This is sick. The lighting and materials are frickin awesome! Great job great presentation and great sketches!


This is awesome! Materials and lighting are stunning


Yes, this is sick man:) Great sketches, modelling end render - love the details.


hi nitin

awesome looking work as ever and nice to see you back here after a long time…

how is Zurich going?



Some really nice renders texturing and modelling! Congrats! A pleasure to look at


amazing work…everything is really great…I like the design itself…


Can anyone tell me why it is not in cgchoice gallery?


I always see artists posting awesome cars here but they never pick them for the choice gallery. maybe they have some other criteria to accept the work.


Extremely stylish presentation, and I’m digging the colors. Beast of a car. Well done man.





It takes a lot to get me excited about a car image, because I’m not really all that into cars, but this is so effing sweet. Damnit the presentation is so good. Congrats!


Yeah this is super,… go go gadget!



Wow, nice concept car rendering. Great color palette, good perspectives, avantgardish somehow…great one (although I don’t think it will stand any aerodynamic tests whatsoever… :slight_smile: )


Not really a car guy either but dang, that is a sweet ride.
The render is extremely well done.


that is one beast of a car. i love the colors and overall design :slight_smile:


Great renders and external design work, but those seats are way too high. The base of the seat looks like it’d be above your waist if you were standing on the road next to it.


Stunning render, love it! :beer:


Fantastic work! I love the seats! :thumbsup:


amazing work…:thumbsup: