Concept Car - Drawing Exercise, Renze Rispens (2D)


Title: Concept Car - Drawing Exercise
Name: Renze Rispens
Country: The Netherlands
Software: Painter / Photoshop

Assignment was to design a new car based on the Ford Mondeo. We had a front 3/4 picture of the Mondeo we could trace on our tablet.
I think the Mondeo is cool, but terribly boring, so I kinda made up a whole other kind of car.
Spend a good few hours trying to figure out the colouring, as I wanted something more dramatic than the usual colouring we do (which is more by the book).
Anyways, hope you like it. Please crit, I’m open for suggestions.


Though the car is very simple in it’s shape, the picture looks very good. Quiet interesting drawing and coloring style. A lot of dynamic / flow. I like it!


Verry nice!:thumbsup:
my only crit is that it looks a little too tall.


:thumbsup: very good work, ur improving a lot. keep the rhythm. u motivate me


Thanks guys, glad you like it!


:eek: :bounce:
a cool style in this car !


I really like how to blended into the concept image the more refined look that you see in other finished images!


Gosh… the concept looks great. Maybe you should post the fully detailed version once you’re done. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply at my astra mate :smiley: …this is a damn nice concept i wish i could make that in photoshop …i love the style its uniqe and the colours is cool great work here mate :smiley:


hi buddy!
Just ammazing work… absolute style man…
Keep it up!



Your style is priceless. I liked it. :buttrock:


Wow this thread is still alive? thanks for the nice feedback people :slight_smile: … I posted more car design stuff in my peugeot entry thread, link can be found in my signature :slight_smile:


Fine work.I like the original design and all that dynamic lines.:slight_smile:


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