Concept art review


Hello! I am currently in process of making my first portfolio for concept art industries. It would be very useful to hear some feedback on my art. Thanks!


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ok working now. first things first is to establish what you are focusing on as a concept artist. Environment, Key frames, Matte Painting.*

Try to move away from concept 101 stuff which is environments with 2 or 3 guys standing in it. Tell the story… the story starts with the character interactions the environment supports that conversation with things like set dressing, signage, vendors, cultural elements think corporate, civilian, safety, or military. check out some tutorials or books on composition

This is one of my favorites from your selection but spending time on it would help a lot. Don’t be afraid to overlap the subject ( the robot head with the people in the boat) Would rather see one piece like this with elements concepted out as call outs. so design the keyframe then do a design of the tech of the eyes of the robot. Take a pass at designing the boat the civilians are wearing or take a pass at there costume design. When artist do call outs or go in and finish thoughts out it tells me they understand the job more than just rendering pretty images so to speak. Show the work by iterations, explanations and exaggerations


Thanks a lot, Travis. I managed to improve some of my skills since the last post. Did a lot of studies on composition, color, and light. You are right about 101 point, I’ve still got some of it that i need to correct. Your feedback was very helpful, thanks again!