Concept Art - Pirate, Crazyhoya (2D)


Title: Concept Art - Pirate
Name: Crazyhoya
Country: Korea
Software: Photoshop

This is a concept art for my project.
I named him ‘Ivanov’.

I hope you like this.
Thank you~ :slight_smile:

>> Hi resolution image <<


a guy? - I thought it was girl at first glance with that shirt/top he has on! Maybe it would be better as a girl?? Give him/her some bigger boobs in the chest and it would look pretty good.


the gun is my favorite part :slight_smile:


nice concept !!!":thumbsup:
i like ur style …"


nice body and expression.


Yea, that’s not a guy… looks like a tough girl… that’s definitely a feminine form, even though it’s muscular.


i think its the style of the shirt that makes him look femmie… but its a cool look


congrats to this piece !

I really love the way you used photoshop to do this watercolor liek coloring on the piece.

Wonder how you do it. Boots are great.

Of to see your other pirate concept.:slight_smile:


i love this one…4 stars:)


I have to agree. First impression I got was it was a female with small breasts. The pose (hips out) and delicate fingers make the character look like a woman as well.

BTW, even with the gender conflict its a GREAT drawing, coloring is also exceptional.


VEry cool character.Really a nice work.Fine style.:thumbsup:


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