Concept Art : Intruder, Pene Menn (2D)


Title: Concept Art : Intruder
Name: Pene Menn
Country: Seoul, Korea
Software: Photoshop, Painter, 3d-max

Concept Art : Intruder

Used 3D-Block.

you can see 3D-Block in my website.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Damn that’s a sweet pic!

Composition, lighting, detail…all spot on.
Nothing to crit really.

I really like the way the intruder is wearing all black in an otherwise bright city/environment…really makes the sense of “not-belonging there” pop.

I’d love to see your workflow cycle on this pic! (like you have for others on your site)

As always, killer work from you!


that good work!


cool concept!


The lighting on this is exceptional!!! No crits from me.


very nice concept ‘n’ coloring
overall work is great !!!":thumbsup:


wow… :eek:
this idea is so cool!!
i like the lighting,and I want to see the big version :thumbsup:


wonderful picture
nice Detail
Now I really think it’s not just one picture of you that’s inspired by Ghost in the Shell
At least the Characters


very lovely feel u have conveyed


Simply amazing. I really like how you made the lighting hit the walls so perfectly.


hey, its really nice! By the way, the details on some parts of the backgound might be a bit too emphasized. Just my opinion.


youre a god!!!
you amaze me every single time i see youre artwork
i should learn from you to use 3d
man you are an insperation


Awe color use! Really great work.:applause:


Another beautiful piece! Great composition.

I have a question for you. What brushes in Painter do you use? I dont mean each specific one, but are you using Oil Brushes, or Gouache brushes, or airbrush, or what?

Thanks for the info, I am an aspiring Painter painter myself, :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: good work,


It is my new wallpaper!


Reminds me of a shot from Aeon-Flux! Great Job!!!
It captures the moment and mood.
~ Gary ~


It is a very precise expression!
It is wonderful !


Not bad, but i have seen better from you;-)


Wow… Extreme details! Gives me a feeling of beeing there. But it looks a bit like the intruder is closer to the bridgething than she actually are, at first it looked a bit like some sort of laboratory or something. But great anyway.
(btw, do u know what your name means in norwegian?..)