concept art demons


finally got round to posting, and finishing my website. these are all concepts for a medieval fantasy game, that didnt make it to the shelves.:shrug:


Nice, they seems from D&D monsters manual


wow really nice pieces of concept arts,
Graveyard golem has some nice features,

luv the dragon lord though, his wings are amazing



they are all fun! Especially that with the barrels, it’s original !


Breathtaking!!! I hope we will find the game on the shelves very soon :buttrock:


Great work!
The barrel guy is my fav.


i like the all except the first one. it’s good drawn, but i think it is too skiny :smiley:
i love the second one :slight_smile:
nice work


excellent!!! I love the one with the gravestones on its back


Awesome, nice clean style. really like the concept of the one frome the graveyard


really amazing!!!
i like the second one very much…
i hope to see more…:eek:


WHOW! Rocking concepts you’ve got here :buttrock: . Especially I like the graveyard golem and kegwarrior.


Excellent work. The Graveyard Golem is my favorite! You have a great imagination.


I like them all but I have to admit the graveyardgolem stands out a bit more in my opinion, funny concept carried out nicely!


AWESOME!!! :drool:
you have GOT to gime a hand with my medieval project!

Seriously great stuff



wooow amazing concept !!!":thumbsup:
unique style !!"


original characters,very cool


great imagination


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