Conar's Sketchbook


Hi guys,

What a great platform! Looking forward to posting my work and thoughts, and getting to know everyone. Here’s a personal piece from last year to get the ball rolling.

It was an experiment on how subtle style can be to make it feel normal and relatable yet fantastical and set a mood.


Nice! Lovely lighting and the mood, story… .i like this very much!


Thanks Klaudio!

Here’s some thumbnails, I’ve been trying to work on style in the early block in stage. Some heavy Eyvind Earle influences in here.
These are usually just for me or to show an AD a rough idea, definitely far from presentation worthy!


Quality stuff, I’ll be looking to this to help improve my own work. thank you so much for sharing!


Cheers Adrian!

Blink and you miss it, can’t believe it’s been three months, I’ve been super busy with work but I’ll try to keep this updated!

I’ve been working on a personal project with Sean Ray (amazing character artist, go check him out!) We’re ‘revamping’ the classic anime Berserk, basically pretending what it would be like if it were to be made into a feature film / series. Our goal is to be loyal to the original material whilst pushing the depth of the narrative with lush supporting environments and visual character development that a comic of that nature can’t convey. Anyway here’s a few pieces I’ve done for it so far:

And the sketch

Stronghold Doldrey


I’m working up a tonne of pieces for the project I mentioned earlier, here’s a couple of WIPs / sketches -

Really happy with how this one is turning out - purely because it’s stayed very true to the composition of the comic. I’ve still got characters to drop in (obviously). some loving to the fg tree, fix up the bg and campsite, and add a fence to the path below them to help ground it.

This is my initial colour sketch for the piece above.

This is a total give away as to what we’re working on Sean will be doing all of the figures in this shot, so I’m holding off water/fg elements until I can drop in some renders- so reflections and perspective match up -

Spent a lot of time getting to grips with sky manipulation for this one, did a few variations of the tornado. This still has some story telling to go, including more magical drama to the weather and less natural disaster. It’s linked to the shot above.


I cant look away from that sun shot, what a nice piece!


Thanks Travis! It was definitely one of those go bold or go home paintings

Something new from me, way out of the comfort zone and completely new territory. A paintover of a render from Sean’s model, trying to keep as close to the original as possible (which is from a comic with fairly ambiguous textures) So I’ve gone with a mashup of animal influences to help support the pre-established character design. (Which is evil, powerful and unstoppable) Pitbull fur and eye sockets, lion muzzle with a mixup of lion teeth and baboon teeth as he’s part human. Monkey teeth incisors are fairly human. He has huge horns by design, so I’ve gone with weathered ram like textures to show his age and also make them less Tim Curry. I’ve done a fair few variants of this to help Sean with the modelling, but this is my favourite of the bunch.


My talk at Industry Workshops is on Friday and I’ll be talking about this project alongside Sean, hopefully getting across some useful techniques and philosophies. Here’s a finished version of the sketch above using Seans models.


Nice updates


Small update from me, the study for the character in the above shot.

Also finished this one, minus the characters - maybe I’ll go back and polish them up one day!

Here’s a wip shot from the project, put together last minute for the talk to show a few assets working together.

Taking a break from the Berserk project for the time being. Gonna try some new genres / topics, any ideas what I could do?


How’s it conar! Super cinematic keyframes and juicy compositions. I’m loving it all. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your process as well! Keep it up.


Thanks Michael!

One and a bit new images from me, a kinda continuation of an old piece. I’ve been wanting to shake off a couple of bad habits and become looser with my workflow, learnt quite a lot from this. Also enjoyed how close I danced with terrible composition haha!