Computer Game: Rocketman Chronicles


Computer Game: Rocketman Chronicles.

I am completly torn in half (actually torn in three) on exactly what it is I should be doing at this moment in time…

Recent news has led to me starting a massive operation to build a cdrom of the rocketman City / Universe.

The CDrom will have game pitch, concept art including:

Locations exterior and interior, vehicles, weapons and characters.


i guess this world could work well for a game environment.

i still want to see rocketman booster pack addon…and the film…the merchandising…the card deck…the tv series…the cereal box plastic toy…the famous burger chain’s kids meal…heh heh.

its tricky one bud…would a game pitch get more response than a short film…which would be more commercial…no idea…do what you can commit time to and enjoy…but set yourself a clear achievable goal and go for it.


thanks dude

I couldn’t decide, was really torn into three…go on to do a comic / graphic novel in the erroded style…continue on with the animation…or start a cdrom concept game pitch…

the cd will have lots of small animations and a long one also showing the citys locations and vehicals in action…so hopefully case of the two benifiting each other in some way too.


well the cd-rom/game prop and comic could really be weaved together to some extent…there is a degree of synergy with the two concepts i suppose.

i liked the errans ruber style…but as you know i’m a big fan of blue noir you got going on…i wish i had choices like this…i mean two fantastic looks you got going on…personally i’d try and develop both of these styles…this way you are developing a lord dowswell style for two very individual projects…its not really clear to me though…how much of one is the other and so on…they seem to blend into one project in some sense…maybe they are dunno…never been clear to me though. like i say you have to be comfortable with whatever you do really…which area are you most confident in…what area do you enjoy the most…FOCUS man, FOCUS…you’re breaking up…heh heh. just don’t start posting rainbow erroded rocket mush and i’ll be happy…:eek:



the brief history of erráns ruber…hehe…is in all honesty, the thing was a bit of a acident…which is quite bizare really as the first short too was also a acident…its all good though im not complaining…well i do a bit…i’d like to do character animation in the next short, in fact it will have it i garantee it.

erráns ruber uses the same robots and has scenes that were intially created for rocketman 2 in them. this was never really planned but i keep getting torn by things looking good textured and things looking good untextured…its really very frustraighting because i dont want to get rid of one so end up doing both.


I like your style, really I like your style :slight_smile:
clean, simply, good

one thing i don’t like - the shadows… they are to aggressive, too much dark,

but it’s only my suggestions.


ello, thanks there :slight_smile:

its ok dude, i agree, cgtalk is very musch a place to recieve the best crit in the world, nobody should ever be afraid to speak their mind in here. The shadows are the only thing i’m having problems with at the moment - but i think i know a solution, ive just thought of one.


un textured



these stills are taken from recent short I did, erráns ruber.


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