Computer Engineer with some experience box modeling looking to master CG as a hobby


Hey all,

Please pardon the overly long title (or don’t if it gave you ideas clicking into the thread!)

As the title says I’m a computer engineer with a couple of years (600-800 hours) of box modeling under his belt. I loved it, but I hit a wall that I couldn’t get past. There wasn’t a way for me to get better because I didn’t understand the theories behind what I was doing, I hadn’t trained myself to see as an artist. In a similar way that anyone can learn to code scripts but learning the theory behind programming, understanding the discrete math involved in it and being able to convert code into equations to tweak it - I don’t see as an artist.

I started into a studio art minor in my undergraduate degree, but I was stretched pretty thin as a double major already so I had to drop it. In the eight weeks I stuck with it I realized that my eye was completely untrained. I started on 3D modeling. In addition to starting to examine negative space starting to work with my hands to draw had a profound impact on my coordination. It was ridiculously awesome. I’d never been able to use chopsticks before - but on a whim I decided to try them while I was drawing for hours a day. I picked them up and ate with them with no problem - it was epic! I want to pursue this and see what else happens.

My goal is to put in about 500-1000 hours into art a year, so 1-2 hours a day. I expect to be somewhat competent after 1500-2000 hours.

So! Here are my questions:

-Does anyone here have tips or experience for someone with dysgraphia/dyslexia?

-Anyone have any experience with having one eye being severely dominant over the other?

-Where should I start if I work best when things are structured like ‘classes’ or modules? I mean college textbook level stuff, not self-help books. I don’t want fluff! What books/web classes should I look at to make significant progress in both theoretical understanding of space and shapes as well as practical exercises?


I would recommend two websites:
This website is for 3d related classes. You can learn the theory behind using a Render Engine (Vray in this case) and creating photoreal images. There is a course about hardsurface modeling wich also explains the theory behind boxmodeling for HardSurfaces. There is a 3rd course about lighting, using Vray as well. You can learn tons from these courses and then apply to other 3d software if neeeded, I don´t hink it would be too hard.
The other website is about 2d art but with an incredible amount of theory for lighting, shapes, perspective, etc.

If you want to learn a 3d software for the ground up for a start, there is a channel in YouTube named Arrimus3d, it is mostly for modeling but the content is awesome and it covers a lot of modeling theory as well starting from the very basics.

I use thesew websites a lot for reference and learnig, although I used mostly Blender now, I try to apply as much as I can from these classes.

I can’t advice about the Dislexia and Eye subject you mentioned. Hope you can found some info about it.

Have fun.