Compound shapes in shape manager. Is it possible?


How can i compound 2 objects’ shapes in shape manager? Thanks.


Shape manager will create a compound for each object which it then places its shapes in, but for different shapes it will create different compounds.

You can either use a direct expression to link one object’s shape to the other (right mouse click, set expression) or use a custom parameter set to control both (my personal pref, its safer). Drag and drop the cpset slider divot on top of both in shape manager.

dunno if this is what you’re after or not?


Thanks very much.
The first one worked. But i tried the second one anyway (you said its safer) but i couldnt make it. Can you explain that more detaily?
Thanks again.


Sometimes I’m quite frugal with my explainations…

If you create a cpset, and then create a custom parameter with the default settings (floating point, range 0-1), then use the exclaimation mark to hold the cpset open.

Open shape manager for the first object and go to the animation tab. drag and drop the green animation divot from the custom parameter on top of the animation divot for the shape you want to control. It should automatically create a direct expression.

Select other object and repeat.

Should work… I think. Reason I say its safer is then the animation can live outside of the shape manager which is a great piece of kit but not 100%reliable when it comes to keeping animation (in my limited experience).


thanks very much for your help. i will try it at work.


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