Compositor @ MPC London



* Tackling the Compositing of shots effectively.
* Briefing junior compositors when dividing of shots into tasks (e.g. rotoscoping) is required.
* Delivering final shots that are creative and technically excellent.
* Attend daily progress reviews to obtain feedback from supervisors.
* Work to improve knowledge of MPC's Compositing pipeline.
* Work with production to create Compositing schedules and project targets.
* Work with the Compositing HOD to define the Compositing pipeline required for the show and identify any additions or modifications to our existing toolset required to realise this pipeline.
* Supervise compositing of CG elements to match live-action footage to maintain consistent shot quality and look.
* Report on the progress of the lighting work on the show to the Lighting HOD, with particular regard to the following:
* If the team are meeting deadlines
* Technical issues
* Production issues
* R&D requests
* Team morale


* Previous experience with a high-level film based Compositing system using Shake and Nuke.
* Excellent understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing.
* Excellent understanding of the whole digital film pipeline from scanner to film recorder.
* Proven technical and creative ability in a broadcast or feature-film production environment.
* General understanding of linux/unix-based operating systems.
* Ability to take direction and structure working practices so that design changes can be efficiently made.
* Desire to learn from other and to take on increasingly challenging shots.
* Excellent team building, communication and problem solving skills
* Excellent knowledge of node-based compositing software
* Proven technical and creative ability in a large feature-film VFX production environment

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