Composition #3, Juan Siquier (3D)


Title: Composition #3
Name: Juan Siquier
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hi guys :slight_smile:
I´m here again with something new, I did the illustration during weekends and free time, critics and comments are welcome.
Thanks in advance

>> Hi resolution image <<


wow realistic lighting , fine detail!




Great! very realistic and good atmosphere :thumbsup:


holy man i don’t what can i say. not only beautiful image but also comfortable color!

i love it alot!!



beautiful work- really nice lighting and composition. love all the detail


wow…fantastic atmosphere right there!
great lighting and great textures…
I realy like the “old style”, great work.


Amazing :smiley: We were talking about color backgrounds on 3dpoder, and the image looks better on this darker color.

Nothing to critique. Good job! :wink:


Maravillosa imagen Juan Siquier… todos los materiales estan perfectos…


Hey Juan,
You finished it, I see.
(btw I posted the Vermeer Window couple of days ago so both have finished the images about same time)

Nothing more to add, I already saw the progress renders but it’s also obvious to everyone such work you’ve done in texturing and lighting. As you already know I liked the mood specially.

I know you prefeer it full of beer instead the scisors but anyways I liked that Mahou can on desk :wink:

Un abrazo tio.


Looks really good, kind of like an old 1930’s kids room…I wanna grow up to be a gangsta!

Anyways hope to see more great works like this!


I just can say that… is a perfect work… model shaders and light are great… in a tech view = 5 stars … in an artistic view = 5 stars… © Siquier…

Congratulations master


Wow, that is really amazing work. The lighting, colours, textures, and of course the composition ^^ - everything is spot on. Great stuff!


Excelent!, nice details and great atmosphere too, I like it a lot!



Wow this is great

long time you didn’t post :wavey:


Great looking job as usual :wavey: .


exelent environement !! and the windows light is perfet!!
great work


wow, very cool image! I love the mood and the composition. Very nice choice of colors as well.



really nice lightning/materials/mood!

and a huge bonus for lovecraft ! :thumbsup:


Hi Juan, that is really sweet, love the colors, lighting and deep soft shadows. The wooden finish is very nicely done. Did you use any special referance for this room?

I’d like to know what’s outside the window.:wink:



that’s a very cool lighting and rendering…^^