Compositing Vue Renders With Animation


I know lots of folks here seem to be struggling through Vue and XStream, but has anyone just composited their animations with Vue scenes? Is that a lot more difficult? Granted, you would need a compositing app, then.

I can’t see buying a $1000 “bridge” (XStream) just so I can have my characters moving around in a nice environment.

Why are Poser animations (through Mover…I think it still uses that) the only ones that can get into Vue? Seems odd they never pursued getting other animation in, rather they went getting Vue scenes out. Seems to me if Vue is optimized to render it’s own creations, why would I want to export it and try to render it in another app that’s not optimized for rendering large, Vue-type scenes?

I’m on an IntelMac, so I don’t have Vue yet. Version 6 looks interesting, though.

Thanks for any insights…


You can import your camera movement from 3D Studio, Maya, XSI, C4D and Lightwave into Vue 5 Infinite, at least, if that helps.


OMG - I was just coming in here to figure out how to do that.

I dont have Vue xStream and need to composite as house modeled in Maya with a simple grass and terrain scene in VUE.

How do I export the camra data from Maya into Vue so the scenes match?

Thanks in advance!!!


Use the vuesync plugin…there are tutorials on this with regards to lw, but I think it will give you an idea.
try this link…


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