Compositing Rain on to windsheild


I have a cg car interior and I need to make it look like it is raining on the windshield. I am assuming the quickest and most realistic way to achieve this is by compositing some stock footage onto the windshield of the car. Does anyone know of a place where i could find some stock footage of rain falling on a windshield from within a car with a black background.

Also if i try to shoot it myself would a black or green back drop work best.

Thanks for any help


I would check out artbeats, if you are trying to capture rain or water on a pane of glass, I dont think it matters what you use as a background. Depending on your compositing package and the method you want to pull the key (Luma key, hue keyer, IBK, Keylight, primatte etc.)

I know a plugin that does an amazing job, Ive used this feature in Fusion using the Speedsix plugins but they dont come cheap.

Best of luck.


You should check out Digital Domain’s work on We Own The Night. There was an exciting chase sequence that was filmed dry for wet, and all the water on windshield stuff was CG or elements. Check it out, go to > feature film > behind the scenes > we own the night.


Cool, I check it out thanks for the responses guys.


the We own the night BTS is amazing!!

I watched it before seeing the BTS and afer watching DD stuff I was like omg ;O


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