Compositing: Advice on Tracking Software


Hi everyone,

I am working on a feature film as DoP and will also be involved in the compositing process. This film will be 100% shot on a large chromakey studio where actors and a couple of props (chairs and tables) will be filmed on a green screen background.

The shoot will be 50% static shots and 50% dolly and crane shots. The chromakey background will have of course tracking marks on them, placed by the VFX supervisor on set. In post, virtual backgrounds of Ancient Greek villas and palaces, to replace the chroma background. So the workflow will be doing clean plates of the chroma shoot and then do the 3D tracking of the 3D backgrounds to match the studio camera movements.

My question is: Can this type of tracking be comfortably done in Mocha Pro 3D Camera Solver + After Effects? Or do I need a proper 3D tracking software like 3D Equalizer or PFTrack? (Nuke is out of the question, btw).

Just in case Mocha won’t do, and considering I will have to learn either 3DE or PFTrack from scratch, is there any recommendation between those two?



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