Component selecting via MEL and Transfer Attributes Tool



I have a range of blendshapes with incorrect vertex positions. (around 20 to each one)
So I would like to use Transfer Attributes, and a MEL script before the latter, to short the procedure of selection of a source object in Object mode and then the target BlendShape in Vertex mode with selected vertexes.

Here is my code:

string $selection[] = `ls -selection -long`;
$source = $selection[0];
$target = $selection[1];
maintainActiveChangeSelectMode $source 0;
doMenuComponentSelectionExt($target, "vertex", 0);

select -tgl $target.vtx[1006] $target.vtx[3147];

(here are just two vertices instead of full range of them)

As a result, I have the selected vertices on my Source object instead of the Target one.

Thank you for any comments