Complex poles question ...


Hello everyone,
i am new to 3d and try to learn how to model. I did a simple shape and was wondering how i get rid of these complex poles for this kind of shape? Thankful for any suggestions, hints appreciated … Cheers Mark


Can you share the file please? It might be easier to demonstrate with a file instead of mere words or MS Paint :slight_smile:


You don’t have to get rid of the complex poles.
Is there a reason you want them gone?



I did reply to this thread yesterday but didnt hit the send button silly me. Its not essential in all cases to remove them in planar surfaces, but its good practice to work your topology out when applying SDS. Here is one solution. If you send me the model I can show you this.



I think the shape is a 6 sided cylinder…


Wow that would be a good optical illusion when viewed flat…