Complex in the Center of universe


Think that is amazing to be honest man


Congratulations Staszek! I really think that your work is the best and you are just winner.

Good luck and enjoy it.



Realy fantastic job. Tell me how much time does it take to make such great model ??


Wow that is fantastic. Do you plan on releasing a higher rez render for desktop wallpapers? 'Cause, wow…


Well Done and well deserved!


I really love the attention to detail that you put into this scene, it really shows your dedication and love for your work. Excellent piece, nice work.


Staszek! My Big Congratulations! I want to say again: “Really great work!” :slight_smile:


COngratulation man…It’s great Idea


Congrats!!Great job!


I Saw Some Time Ago.

Simply Are The Best!!

Congratulations For This Fantastic Work.
And Enjoy The All Inclusive Week!!


Congratulations on first place; this work deserves it!


Wtf ! Its the best one i have ever seen man ! :eek: :applause:

How long are you working with max ?



Im familiar with 3dstudio from long time… i was trying all version staring from max1 and before on 3dstudio4.0 for DOS :slight_smile:


WOOOW Great times!!
i´m used 3D studio 3.0 on msdos. when you needed a mouse driver to use in msdos…


yeah :slight_smile: it was cool times - i loved 2d lofter :slight_smile: hahahaha and rendering was dramatic… thats why i was export files to lightwave… i dont remmember wich version it was… but i wanted nice lighting and flare effects :slight_smile: hahahaha


Congratz mate, great work. Is it ok if you tell me how the sea was done, the different tones of blue and green, deep and shallow.



hahaha 2d lofter.

i used the first lightwave on Amiga. the first version who don´t need videotoaster installed.
i remeber these lightwave with 2 archives modeler and layout on a 3 1/5 DD Floppy disk (720k)

Great times!!


yeah… 3d lofter and 2d shaper - now i remmember :slight_smile:


i dont wana close my eyes after seen this its beautiful


to wsader80

its simple texture (colours as you sayed) in object under water. I drawed it on printscreen of top view of the area where the water is-in the places where are clifs i just draw there brighter and more green and yellow colours(to simulate less depth). But best result was when i rednered water on few times with different setting of reflections and transparency and bump and even redneres(vray and scanline) - of course its possible to set it at ones but i didnt have time for it :slight_smile: - all rendering time (main object with separated elements,water layers, fog layers) in overall was shorten then hour in 2560px wide. i didnt used any caustics ect there or spectial shaders…only composition…