Complex in the Center of universe


impressive collossal architecture…this is such a good piece…one of my favorites…


Very nice combination of the modern and the classic architecture. This is what kings would have as their palaces now!

Fantastic rendering and this will indeed look magnificent on a large print.

My compliments.



i think you are #1 in this Contest my voting for you
Good luck


yahhaa thae cahapppion


Ssimply are the best…


enjoy the graphic card and the week!!


Pozdrawiam druzja
I saw a lot of “marvell” megastructures, but this one is definitly diferent.
Great great work.
Waiting for pics from traveling US!


Can we see a high resolution version, I want so badly to examine all of the lovely detail you have there?

Great Work!


amazing work man, do you believe if it is little small than this it can be done in earth just take it to SHEKH Mohammed bin Rashid the ruler of dubai & it will be in future plan lol.


whoa… that is beautiful! :applause:


another wonderful Picture…^^

I so love the details…nice work…keep it up and good luck…:bounce: :bounce:


Very detailed work… I love that :slight_smile: Can I see some closeups? :wink:


Hello Mr. Marek. I could not find your email and somehow cannot PM you. We’d love to see your work on Please contact us if you’re interested. The contact email is on our website under ‘contact’. Thanks.


Hello Mr. Marek. I could not find your email and somehow cannot pm you. We would love to see your work at If you’re interested please contact us. The email is on our contact page on the website.


Congrats on the win! You deserved it!


tez pozdrawiam i gratulacje!
awesome detail and a great mood!


congrats on winning the challenge, very nice work,

good luck with future projects :wink:


Congratulations man u really knock us down



:wink: super thx guyz :slight_smile: im so happy about it


simply amazing man, very fantastic piece


Gratulacje dude! :smiley: