complex character UVmapping


Ok, I need help with this lil beasty that I have here,

at the moment I have a procedural texture on it which looks OK, but i still want to be able to add detail to it to make it look better, like around the lips and the ridge on its back. so…problem 1 arrises…

If i render the procedural texture to a file… and re-apply it to the creature it looks all blury (looses all its resolution)

and that brings me to problem 2

the creature is relativley complex and I need to know the best way to lay the seams out for pelt mapping (heard it makes life easier) which i have been busy trying to figure out for the last 3 hours. Got it figured, just need help laying out the seams, I…E. what would be the best seam setup for the arms/legs/rest of the creature.

All help Greatly appreciated


Ok, For pelt seams, I would make one seam around each of the arms, around the shoulderblades, the legs, around the crotch area, and then make a front piece and a back piece. Think of the front and back pieces like armor. You want a seam that runs along the sides, and then one that runs between the shoulders and one between the crotch, thus separating the front of the creature, The chest and stuff, and the back and butt area. Then, you want to separate the hands too, and the feet, into their own texture space. And then the head is its own thing too. Hope it helps, Its hard to write it out in words, lol.


Thanks alot…I am sure it will help me out :thumbsup:
I just needed a lil help, but from your explination i am sure I can get it going from there :scream:


I second metalcormailman though I would split the guy along chest and back. basically map the hole body and face from the side because his left and right side would probably be pretty symmetrical so it would make more sense to put the seem there


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