Complete Character Development And Rigging


Hello everyone, Im new to CGS. I need help on a very important issue. I’ve been doing hard surface modelling and mech animations for 4 years now ( since i was 10 years old) all in 3ds Max. But I needed to be diverse, so I started learning about character modelling, sculpting and animation. But I have a few problems:

  1. When modeling a high LOD character for an animation, usually done in Zbrush, What is the best approach for modeling. Is it best to make a base mesh, then sculpt it, then send back to 3ds with normal mapping? Or developping it from scratch in Zbrush. The approach should be efficient, in the sense that rendering it wont take so much strain on the engine, and also, so that it would look hyper real.

  2. With modeling a character aside, what is the best approach for texturing. I have heard that in Mudbox, textures can be painted onto geometry. Or, is it best to just UVW Map the geometry using a human being ( like in GTA). Or, is it best to polypaint it like in Zbrush.

3.With modeling and texturing aside, lets assume we have our hyper real human ready, I know how to rig, and i best prefer 3ds Max Character Studio, the Biped, and MotionBuilder. The approach will be to use CS, MotionBuilder and Bones Pro, which is a skinning utility for 3ds. They work wonders, im hugely impressed and satisfied. BUT, with rigging the body aside, How is it possible to perform facial animation

  1. It does not matter how you create your highpolymesh as long as it follows the rules of topology in the final version. Choose what works best for the character type. It is a common practice to atleast two meshes, one highpoly for final render and lowpoly for setting up the animation.
    2.Texturing, same thing there, choose whats easier/most fun for just that model. I commonly use Zbrush or Modo for texturing, but I have heard great things about mudbox and mari. Modo, mudbox and mari are capable of painting specular, displacement and other Black and White textures directly on top of the model as you see the final result, Zbrush cannot as far I am aware.

I have two UV workflows I like 1.projections/chopping in maya/modo and then use Zbrush for final spacing by using “use excisting seems” function. OR
Use Headus UV.

I have no idea.
Perhaps this could help:


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