Compiling Plugin Problem


I’ve been starting to read up on the API documentation, but I’m, having a bit of a problem. I’ve been trying to get the basic Hello World program to compile. I’m using Borland’s free compiler, and everytime I try to compile I get an error saying that in MTypes.h, the line that says “enum {false,true};” doesn’t work. I can’t figure out why the simplest of plugins can’t compile. I’ve tried a couple of compilers, and I keep getting the same message.

Do I perhaps need to use Visual C++ to get it to compile?

Thanks for any help.


For Windows, my understanding is that you MUST use Visual C++ to compile plug-ins.

– Mark


Why would you have to use Visual C++? Shouldn’t any compiler essentially do the same thing?

I also could not get it to compile using gcc or g++ in Linux. Any suggestions?


On the Windows side, the problem with using other compiler systems is library compatibility. Core C++ functions are provided through libraries that are implemented differently for Microsoft and Borland products.

In fact, just using Visual C++ isn’t enough… you have to use the SAME VERSION of Visual C++ used to compile the SDK libraries.

As for Linux, there are similar version issues involved. You probably need to compile on a Red Hat 7.2 system with the right library versions to get your plug-in to work, but I’m less certain that that’s the same issue there.

– Mark


Thanks for the help. I was hoping I could use a free compiler, but oh well.


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