I came up with this idea- instead of assigning each person a different scene, we could have a competition for each scene- like the DSG, but for animation :smiley:
The winner gets their scene in the short film, which will be shown at festivals etc.

What do you think?

The competition would be like ‘SCENE 1- COMPETITION!’ with a deadline after it. Kirt will adjudicate once each deadline is over. Maybe we could even have a public vote.


Not a bad idea Theresa, but if we can’t even get some people to animate with almost a guarantee that their clip will make it in then I don’t know how we’ll get people to animate when they aren’t guaranteed the clip will make it in.

The only way I think this could possibly work well is if we extend this competition to the whole of cgtalk, not just the society members.


I think that extending the animation (and or other positions) to the whole of CGTalk will accomplish the same thing, though it is an interesting idea.


Moving this out into the general forums would defeat the purpose of this being a CGSociety project. I mean, this was something that we as CGSociety members wanted to do … right?

I dunno … this is all getting to be very frustrating. I think we can all forget about any future projects if we can’t prove to Leo that we can finish this very simple little project.

It’s just getting more pathetic with each passing day.

  • Dissappointed Director :hmm:


Man, if only I had access to Maya, I’d be more than happy to put together a scene for everyone to critique. Unfortunately, I’m a Max user, and I’ve mostly done games animations, so I might not be up to the standards for this project. If I get a hold of Maya sometime in the near future, I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to help.


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