hello everyone,
I know everyone is sick of this question. yet, nobody could give me a proper answer.

I’m cinematographer and to enhance my digital skills I want to learn compositing. there is inferno, nuke and after effects. I know inferno isn’t for home computers but still not a big deal for me, I can go to friends post production lab to learn it.

Question comes to professionals who already used all of them. What is the difference?
I’ve seen interface of all, AFX has uncomfortable look because of layer base. so what about nuke - inferno (or flame)

Inferno is so popular in Turkey and practically nobody uses nuke. But I’ve heard a lot good stuff about it online. Anyone can enlighten me?


Lookup Eyeon fusion. It is really good for color grading.

Both nuke and afterfx doesn’t have a vectorscope… sadly. Afterfx is slow.

Nuke is really good (better than afterfx), but there approach to colors is more number/math diggin, than artistic.

Eyeon fusion you can be very artistic.

Afterfx is the best if you want to do motion grafic.


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