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Hi all,

I’m in the process of doing some research to compare the strengths and weaknesses of two suites of software. Adobe Production Premium CS3 & Final Cut Studio 2. Most of the comparison discussions that I’ve seen tend to be slanted one way or another based on where the discussion is taking place, Mac user forums tend to be Pro-FCS for example.

I was wondering what some of you may have found in using both, I’ll also include some information on some of what the company I work for is using this for:

[li]Rendered cinematic sequences, promotional intro cinematics for example. A current example includes high res 3D characters, compositing, voice-work/lipsynching, special effects. Of course, some of that is done directly in the 3D app.
[/li][li]Delivery methods
[li]HD resolutions for display at tradeshows
[/li][li]Low resolutions for display on our website, or within our training engines
[/list]Video editing, compositing and special effects are not an area of expertise for myself, or for my staff… The only swaying factor at the moment is some people are more fluent in one package than the other.

Currently, we own both packages, my intent is to understand the differences more clearly so that I can be more informed when picking which one to use to meet project needs. If there is any other information that I can provide, please let me know.


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The best way to learn the differences, are to learn and use them in a production environment. Editors are editors in my oppinion.


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