Comparing Maya performance with 6800 and Quadro 3000!


:sad: What type of performance difference would I be able to notice between the Nvidia 6800 and Quadro 3000 series when working with complex scenes in Maya 5 or above?

I currently have an ATI 9800XT, AMD 3000+ (Barton) with 2.5GB PC3200.

Even though the 6800 could be soft-modded into a Quadro, isn’t the Quadro 3000 built differently than it’s game counterpart?

I’m not concerned with rendering times, but would like a smooth interactive display when manipulating cameras or moving around a complex built scene with thousands of polygons. I downloaded a special ‘3d-sphere test’ for Maya and am only getting 4 to 6 fps when moving around in the viewport. In shaded mode, I can only max 1fps.

Any suggestions for upgrading? Would there be a noticeable difference with a Quadro 3000 or 6800 for me to spend the additional dollar? :smiley:


You will need to wait for some benchmarks to show up on the net. Btw can you tell me where can i download this ‘3d-sphere test’? I have an AMD 2000+ with 1GB PC2700 and an GeForce 4200 softmoded into quadro 750XGL.


yeah i’m also interested in that test :slight_smile: I’ve got a 4200 too.



I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to both of your replies!

Navigate to the following URL and download the various Maya scenes to test the strength of your video card.

I’m currently running at a AMD Athlon 3000+ (Barton) with 2.5GB PC3200 and an ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256. Below are the results of my 3d-sphere test ONLY.

fps in Wireframe Mode 4 to 6 fps
fps in full shaded Mode 1 fps

Would upgrading to a Nvidia 6800 Ultra really prove better performance of a noticable degree?
I was looking at the Quadro 3000, but if I’ll only see a small increase with fps on my viewport, forget it!

I Hope the tests will allow you to draw some interesting conclusions.:eek:


^ Thanx for the link !

I have just switched from QuadroFX1000 to a Gainward 6800GT Golden Sample card.
Installation was only done yesterday night so I didn’t have the chance yet to do extensive benching. This was my quick impression though ;

  • Cinema4D R8 viewport performance seemed about on par with the QFX1000. The scene was probably too light however, to draw definate conclusions.

  • Maya5 viewport performance seemed a tad quicker on the 6800GT. The little animation scene I loaded, contains 3 IK rigged characters both poly’s and NURBS. There are also 10 Paint FX trees. Gauraud shaded mode in perspective pans about 30 - 90 frames per second.

Hypershade didn’t show any anomalies. It did however take a bit longer to load image based shader materials, but this could also be becuz I deleted some images from mh HD.

All in all, I’m happy with my 6800GT. The QFX3000 is still 1500 € in the Netherlands. A bit much when you see alot of ppl post succesfull softmod jobs from 5900Ultra’s into QFX3000.

I will try to do Cinebench on the 6800GT soon and also that Maya test scene, then post results here.


I did the test on AMD 2000+ with 1GB PC2700 and an GeForce 4200 softmoded into quadro 780XGL in a 1152X864 32bit mode my results are:

fps in Wireframe Mode 3.8 fps
fps in Shaded Mode 2.1 fps
fps in Textured Mode 0.8 fps


thanks for the link logixcore …

anyways, my setup sucks to say the least

2.0 GHz P4
GF4 Ti4200 128MB

the frames per second on the sphere benchmark were somewhere in the 0.2 range!

heh … i wonder if this gives me a legitimate excuse for an upgrade … hmm

oh well

thanks again


:thumbsup: I’m glad you were able to test your workstation setup based on the links I submitted previously.

I was hoping to find someone who’s got the 5900 Ultra or 6800GT/Ultra that would be able to run the ‘3d-sphere’ test and record the fps results when naviagting throughout the viewports!

I’ve heard great things about the 6800! Which is better, the 6800GT or Ultra?

If the 6800 is able to cruise through the ‘3d-sphere’ test without a hitch, I might decide to order it this week! I’ll probably never create a scene that complex in Maya, since Im just a hobbyist! However, it’s always good to know where your limits are, right? :shrug:


Well as far as i know, Ultra is the better card so long as your willing to pay full price. GT still has the same features, cept its designed with a slightly lower clock speed…BUT for the price the card sells for compared to the Ultra…its a bargain! In most benchmarks it still hangs in there just behind Ultra.


Well we need to wait for Knotter8 to test his Gainward 6800GT and post the results :slight_smile:


:applause: Awesome stuff!

I think we’ve got an awesome thread going here! Thanks again for everyone’s input on the original post. I’m anxious to see the Maya results for the 6800GT or Ultra!

I’ve been looking at buying a workstation card for the longest time and couldn’t justify the card with its steep price range.

I’ll check back often in search for the final results! Later everybody! :buttrock:


:slight_smile: Ok, here I am with some results on my Gainward 6800GT Golden Sample with 2.0ns DDR3 memory clocked at 400 corespeed and 1100 for the memory.

Cinebench03 was pretty good as I expected.

First, the results when I had the QuadroFX1000 in there
Processor : pentium 4
MHz : 3316
Number of CPUs : 2
Operating System : win xp
Graphics Card : quadrofx1000
Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits

Rendering (Single CPU): 338 CB-CPU
Rendering (Multiple CPU): 401 CB-CPU

Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.18

Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 349 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 1578 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 2826 CB-GFX

OpenGL Speedup: 8.11

Now, for the same test with the 6800GT. I must note though that in the meantime I have increased my RAM from 1Gb PC4000 to 2Gb PC4000 and I have have switched from DX9.0b to DX9.0c. Of course, the Forceware driver has changed from 45.28 to 61.77 in order for the 6800GT to work.

Processor : P4 3,2 Ghz
MHz : 3,4 Ghz
Number of CPUs : 2
Operating System : Win XP SP1
Graphics Card : 6800 GT

Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits

Rendering (Single CPU): 337 CB-CPU
Rendering (Multiple CPU): 400 CB-CPU
Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.19

Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 341 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 1613 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 3047 CB-GFX

OpenGL Speedup: 8.94

QFX1000 with 2826 versus 6800GT with 3047 is pretty nice eh ?

Ok, now for Maya. Sorry i didn’t have opportunity to run the sphere test anymore with the QFX1000 installed. Anyway, the test results with the 6800GT in Maya sphere scene are not as pretty as the Cinebench results.

Sphere TEST

section 1 - interactivity. Lag with the various Hypergraph and Hypershade screens at 1/3 of screensize was tolerable at 1 to 1,5 sec at most. Adjusting Height & Axis from 20 / 20 up DID have impact though.
20 / 20 gave me about 3,5 to 4 fps. at 65 / 65 it crawled to 0,2 fps. I could definately hear the Gainward dual fans start spinning at high speed.

section 2 - running speed. at hit play it got me about 1,4 fps. * edit ; after installing the new Tagan 480W psu and downclocking from 3,4 Ghz to 3,2 Ghz wireframe mode increased to 3,3 fps. At hit 5 for shaded mode it increased to 3,3 fps. pushing 6 and 7 got me about the same 3,3 - 3,2 fps. All in all ; these two test sections show that it’s certainly a heavy load for the 6800GT to take. I dunno how the QFX1000 would do.

Section 3 - hardware rendering speed. this one gave me an error ‘wrong… to flipbook’ at the last frame. Probably becuz the 6800GT isn’t officially recognized by Maya to do HW renders.
But it did render the images anyway though. And pretty quickly I might add. The instruction guide says most cards will take 5 to 10 minutes. Well, the GT did all 25 in about 2,5 minutes.

The last test I didn’t do cuz it’s pretty close to bedtime over here and the test really noted that a HW render qualified card like Quadro is needed, so…

Anyway, the results are kind of like I expected. In Cinema4D, the GT definately wins. In Maya the results are more down to earth, though not bad. For guys like me who do most in Cinema 4D and medium scenes in Maya, the 6800GT is a very nice choice at it’s pricepoint.
For very complex Maya scenes a QuadroFX3000 is still required I guess… but that one is still about € 1500, - here in Europe versus € 430 - 505 for any 6800GT

Oh yeah BTW. If ppl choose a 6800GT or Ultra, make sure you have/get a good PSU as well
becuz after so much strain, trying to burn a cd crashed my pc and rebooted it. Definately a sign that my OC’d p4 plus the OC’d 6800GT taxes my Antec 380W a bit too much, even though it has the minimum 18amps on the 12 volt rail. I’m glad i ordered the Tagan480W with 28A on 12V rail. If you guys have any other explanation as to why the sudden reboot happened ; i would gladly hear your opinion.


Knotter8 thx for the test results but I have a few questions:

  1. Do you have AA (in OpenGL) turned on or off ?

  2. Do you have VSync turned on or off ?

  3. Did you run the test as the author requested ? (I mean Animation Preferences are set to Play every frame and you Hide UI Elements)


Hi Maxgraphics,

On the 45.28 when I had the QuadroFX1000 i had both AA lines and Vsync OFF. That means in the nvidia display setting and also no AA lines in Maya nor C4D. On the 61.77 i had ‘application controlled’ for AA settings. I forgot to check Vsync though. Also NO AA lines now in Maya nor C4D.

For the test I did exactly follow the directions of the author. Really I don’t think the 6800GT results where bad compared to a Quadro which costs about 2,5 times as much.


:smiley: Has anyone attempted to softmod their 6800 into a Quadro 4000? If you attempt to use the standard Nvidia Forceware drivers without a softmod, would you still experience good performance in Maya?

I’m not entirely concerned about rendering time for a scene or animation. I could let my station chug overnight or while I’m at work! :slight_smile: I’m focused on how well I can interact with my scene in Maya, by moving cameras, zooming in and out and so forth.

I haven’t done anything drastically complex yet, so everything seems to work fine when I create a basic scene. I just keep hearing the Nvidia cards will work better with Maya!

Any thoughts on this?


You can’t softmod 6xxx series to quadro at least not now (and probably never). About the performance, well you can compare my results to Knotter8:

Mine - on AMD 2000+ with 1GB PC2700 and a GeForce 4200 softmoded into quadro 780XGL in a 1152X864 32bit mode the results are:

fps in Wireframe Mode 3.8 fps
fps in Shaded Mode 2.1 fps
fps in Textured Mode 0.8 fps

Knotter8 - on P4 3,2 Ghz with 2Gb PC4000 and a GeForce 6800GT in a 1024 x 768 32bit mode the results are:

fps in Wireframe Mode 1.4 fps
fps in Shaded Mode 3.3 fps
fps in Textured Mode 3.2-3.3 fps

BTW it will be really good if anyone with a real Quadro FX 3XXX or 4XXX will post his results here :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Correction.

I have redone that part of the sphere test now I have a Tagan 480W psu installed.
I also downclocked the cpu from 3,316 Mhz back to stock 3,2 Ghz.

button 4 wireframe mode @ play every frame : 3,3 fps
button 5 grey shaded @ play every frame : 3,2 fps
button 5 + 7 grey shaded plus colored lights @ p e f : 3,1 fps
button 6 and 6 + 7 animated ramp texture /+ colored lights @ p e f : 1,1 fps

The difference from last time is strange to me. Now the wireframe mode is 3,3 fps
where it was 1,4 at 1st benchtest. Where the ramp texture shaded was 3,2 it was
now at 1,1 fps. It’s almost as if the texture shading had much benefit then from
the cpu overclock, at least, that’s how i read it. :shrug:


Thanks for the tests, man.


Hi Knotter8,

Its good to hear that the wireframes results are better (it will be interesting to see how a quadro 4XXX will do in this test). Would you like to make another test ? This test was way to hard on the graphic card so very small diffrence can be seen. What if we test geometry that built out of ~200000 polys, still quiet complex but not as this one. We can do it with this scene by selecting the locator and changing the “Axis” and “Height” to 8.
My results on AMD 2000+ with 1GB PC2700 and a GeForce 4200 softmoded into quadro 780XGL in a 1152X864 32bit mode the results are:

fps in Wireframe Mode 5.4 fps
fps in Shaded Mode 3.8 fps
fps in Textured Mode 1.8 fps
fps in Texture + Lighting Mode 1.8 fps

I made another test, I deleted everything in the scene of the previous test except the lights and the camera, then I created a poly sphere changed the divisions to the maximum and then applied 3 smooth comands resulting a single sphere with 160000 polys, scaled it by 10 in all axis, applied the material (phonq1) the results are:

fps in Wireframe Mode 49.5-50.5 fps
fps in Shaded Mode 11.4 fps
fps in Textured Mode 6.2 fps
fps in Texture + Lighting Mode 5.7 fps

BTW if you will do this tests please change you resolution to 1152X864 or even bigger (then I will redo those tests in this bigger resolution)


Hi Maxgraphics,

Ok, I will try to squeeze it in this weekend. But first up on the ‘menu’ is gonna
be 3DMark03 to see if my gaming motive for buying a 6800GT was justified :smiley: .
I’ve just shipped the QuadroFX1000 to the friend I sold it too. It’s a great card.

Cinema4D R8 did crash once in a while though so I guess Quadro’s 100% stability
is of course like anything else in this world, not an eternal absolute. Of course, to
ppl who work at the absolute high end of complex scenes, the Quadro’s are a sure