Commercial - Parmareggio


Commercial Parmareggio 2010

Direction: Franco Tassi e Andrea “Cincillino” Gasparo
Animation: Mauro “LeprinoXYZ” Baldissera e Gaetano “Pitanello” Consiglio
Modeling, texturing, lighting e rendering enviroment e auto: Andrea “Farins” Lazzarotti e Andrea Gasparo
Modeling, texturing, lighting e rendering character: Mauro Baldissera, Guido “GuIdO” Zatti e Andrea Gasparo
Fur: Andrea Gasparo
Rigging e Cloth: Mauro Baldissera, Gaetano Consiglio e Andrea Gasparo
Compositing and miracles: Federico “kage_maru” Ghirardini

Done with 3d Studio max, vray, mr, hair farm, after effect.

Production: TaxFreeFilm
Agency: M&C Saatchi

Mov - 15 mb



TaxFreeFilm - Site


Wow guys, in cgtalk homepage! :buttrock: :buttrock:


The little mice are totally adorable! I think the fur is maybe a bit too fluffy looking for mice, and their hands look a little odd, but other than that, I think they look lovely. The environments are done really well too. Good job!


lovely. congrats!


Sweet… I want that cheese… (or whatever it is)
Great job guys! :thumbsup:


The cheese ground is totally cool! Very well done at all :buttrock:


very nice :slight_smile:
i see you used hairfarm ;
could you tell us a bit more about it? did you use Gi on it (and render as geometry) or did you light the mice by hand ?

thanks :slight_smile:


Good works Mauro!
When in Italian TV spot? I’m waiting some making off :wink:


R E S P E C T !




Congratulation for the front page guys. And the fluffy family look amazing! Great advertising :slight_smile:

Bravissimi! :slight_smile:


Beautiful work! :slight_smile:


So funny! Nice work…


great job:buttrock:
can u show us a little about hair farm ?


Good job! :applause:


stunning, thanks for sharing… really love the two characters (father an son) :love:


Very nice!

OT, will hair farm be ported to Maya?


The characters are so cute…Nice work.


it was about time you guys posted this lil amazing piece here, i really love this commercial serie you are doing and i’m always glad to watch it on tv.
i was wondering why you were not posting it on cgtalk…but here you are finally!!!
many congrats to all the crew…bravissimi!

ps: guido u know i’m gonna chew your ear off the next time i see you asking for details…ciau :slight_smile:


Guys, thanks so much.
We really put a lot of effort on this project and we are delighted you appreciated it.
Here are a couple of links (H264/720p and youtube) showing some breakdowns: