Commercial:Lemming City


Hi everyone,

Its been a while since i posted anything , so i figured it was time to show two new commercials we did at my work at BUG.

One Call - Lemming City

We were asked to come up with ideas for commercials for a Norwegian broadband company that was also delivering a “All-in-One” box for internet connections, WiFi and phone, without the hassle of having too many cables.

The idea spun around showing angry animals using computers and their frustrations dealing with cables.
This is the “international” version, allthough they’re not advertising internationally , in the original we had norwegian voices and text.

WARNING:Some Graphic content :slight_smile:
Downloads :

Credits :
Project Leader - Frode Alvær Nilsen
Character Design, AD , models/textures and preprod - Aslak Helgesen
Lemming Animation, rig and texture - Francois Laurent, Jeremy Theng, Charles Beirnaert
Sound, vocals and music - Gunnar Askim
Light, fx, shading, render & comp/post - Theodor Groeneboom

Software : 3dsmax, mentalray, ornatrix, cat, pyrocluster, fusion5

Hope you all like it , we’ve all had a blast making it!

-the0 / gboom


WOOOOOW!!! These are 2 of the funniest spots I think I’ve ever seen! LOVE the character designs, and the bodily explosions are the best thing since sliced bread! :smiley:

Had all the guys here at working laughing, and the animations have gone straight into my inspiration folder.

Everyone who worked on those should be proud! 5 stars from me…I hope this gets plugged soon!!


ha ha ha, top notch! easy five guys that’s great!

defanite FP!


I love it!
Awesome design, animation… everything!
Like tyson these ones went straight to my Animations to learn from folder.





Excellent! One of the few commercials I’ve actually enjoyed watching.


LoL !
Awesome concept and great job, everything is so well done and I luv the style of it.
btw, how long did it take you guys to finish the whole thing ?


HAHAHAH that was kool, Great Stuff man, must have taken hours to do the explosions/blood affects :wink: awesome


Thanks for sharing those commericals. I was cracking up. The detail is so good you have to watch it over and over to catch all you wonderful work.

Did the Norweigen client come up with the exploding character idea or is that your idea you brought to them? I only ask because I don’t know how well that would sell to the average consumer having cute little Lemmings blow themselves up, but the good thing is your not really concerned about that.

Take care guys:thumbsup:


Nice modeling, nice render, everything is just perfect!


LOL I luv thos little animals… man they are really god commercials. Really welll done!!!
Thanks for sharing and let’s see more of ur works. :thumbsup:


Excellent spots, really dug the animation and especially the humor :smiley: Well done!




lol, just brilliant :applause: :smiley:


Absolutly fantastic!!! :applause:


Oh god… that was funny!
I don´t know why but the little lemming is so stressed that it makes me feel really good.

There´s another thing that caught up my attention: exploding little animals on a commercial tv spot. Don´t get me wrong cause I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST IT and it has “brilliantly” used here but this is the sort of stuff that you would never see happening down here in Brazil. Well, maybe that is what were missing for me to move to Norway. Hey! Do you have an open position there at BUG? JEG KAN NORSK!!! :deal: :slight_smile:
Gratulerer! Det vaer jaevla bra!!! :buttrock:

5 STARS! No doubts!


Fantastic job
Both of them are amazing
nice colors and cool style :slight_smile:


LOL I can totally empathize with the little creatures :slight_smile: Great commercials!


Hey there I think the lemming is just incredible work.
I do agree that the exploding part may be a bit extreme for commercial tv.

But all in all thanks for sharing that’s one of the funniest ads I’ve seen in a long time.
So much for being feisty huh? :wink:


poor creature :buttrock:

well done man




Great !

So great ! Thanks for sharing !

I went key by key-frame with the wet fur on the movie, it went out very kool too, it’s not easy to achieve a good looking effect as that. Congratulations !
Actually I watched it all many times and everything key frame by key frame… lol

Something on them remind me my own little creatures of my short movie. Maybe their ‘explosive’ temper. lol

Fantastic !



great man… very detailed… that last shot with eye intense… and getting red… cool:scream: