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:beer: Complelety forgot about this! Mudbox looks to shake up the industry again. Congrats! Are we still going to make the book mudbox exclusive? Noticed the forum is a little lighter today, you guys spring cleaning the none active threads?


hey!! i have a red… haters :buttrock:


i will be shooting this for textures at the museum of natural history…

eat the nuts outta my 31 megappixel sheeaat cowboy…




Hey, is there a reason my thread has been removed? Pablo notified me of this yesterday. And I don’t see Dave’s on here either. Any ideas guys?



I noticed it the other day as well, I shot an email to paul thinking you might have had to back out of working on the book for some reason… I have your thread backed up, so maybe they can post it back or just restart a thread with your stuff again…


Sorry guys was busy with work…

Its a preference doo-dad…with the forums…It hides postings from a certain date.

Your forums are actully still there…

Daniel will be posting something shortly


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