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Please put comments jokes…bullshit…etc…


Please put comments jokes…buljnkljllsht…etc…(they wont let me ****kjckjckcjk curse! mothter fucchhjj


**** not cursing!


…just so you know…i don’t do stars in place of letters.


we should start a money jar so everytime jeff and paul curse I get paid… :thumbsup:


ok… why did the chicken crossed the road? test test test Julian in the house :buttrock:


:eek: It is julian the gatekeeper, here!! The chicken didn’t cross the road, his @$$ got hit by a car before he made it to the other side…


Is it normal for us to have 50 Views or more people can see this?


I was wondering the same thing as well… I’ve been noticing that views are kinds high for the group we have!


Does anyone want to make this a Muddbox2 exclusive book?


all right I gotta top this guy…LOL


that sounds like great idea, mudbox2 will just up the value of this book! I think u can do better work than that, u see the new painting engine in mudbox2 looks pretty sweet… Much better looking than zbrushes no layer - poly painting…


I have admit letting 5 modelers “Do the creature they always wanted to create”…is actually a great …twisted self portrait in someway…a great glimpse into your…subconcious…as modelers…

Its pretty cool watching you guys put together colage sheets, watch the models form, and the back story of the creature unfold…


Canon EOS 5D MKII says **** THE RED CAMERA…

a 21 megpixel camera is out…$2,700…its a still camera and shoots 1080p…LOL

check this out…


I Know it came out yesterday is sick! good thing i wait i was going to get the nikon 300 but this one kill it… hoo man full 1080p what can i say :drool:


thanks paul for posting the link to this. i’ve been in search of a camera to plunk down some money in. this looks like it answers all my needs. the images i’ve seen come out of this baby looks gorgeous. i’m new to photography (so i am hoping that this will be a good camera for a noob who intends to be a pro someday). for now i want to mostly use it for taking pics of my sculptures and some landscapes. then later on experiment with some video stuff.

any feedback from those who own it would be cool…are y’all happy with it?



pros: it can shoot 21 mega pixel and is $2700…it should cost about $7,500…for cameras of these capabilities…

it has a 1 to 1 gate…very different from other cameras only Cannon Eois…Nikon D3 and Hassenblads have this feature…its pro…(its same size gate as 35mm film cam and the RED cam)

Red cam cant shoot in low level light and costs $18,000

Cons:…you have to use Cannon lenses…the adaptors are shit…(from what Im told)…

Cannons arent Hassenblad Zeiss lenses…but hey with 21 megapixels you can shit on everyone…

Im guessing the HD camera function means it would be teathered to a computer…

another con…

is that it only shoots 3 bracket HDRI (HDRI are automatic now)…(Nikon d-3 does a one click 9 bracket HDRI)

Im gonna get one my self once I find out more from the lenses…if you want a pro camera for $2500 and then spend $1-2 on lenses…this camera will keep you in pro leaugues…for at least 5 years…and you would draw a crowd if brought on to set

its a Hassenblad level camera for under $5,000…INSANE…

check out its compedators


All this talk of fancy cameras reminds me of this, I’ve been seeing interview style videos around of 3d artist that seem quick and dirty. A while back I saw these video diaries of a game company called silicon knights and thought how awesome would it be if the artist of our industry got this same quality of documentary style interview showcasing artist. Something I personally as a fan myself of many great artist out there, I would love to see.

Silicon Knights Video Diary 2

Silicon Knights Video Diary 3


[color=black]Anybody interested in updates in Cannon 5-D EOIS markII camera there is a forum set up…[/color]
[color=black]some people from ILM, Orphanage, Cafe FX…[/color][color=black]you are welcome to join us: (we are calling canon for 24p support)[/color]
[color=black] [/color][color=black][/color]


Muddbox 2009 comes out tommorrow

congrats Dave!