commandline render maya 5 and 6


I’ve got maya 5 and 6 installed in my system
however, when i type "render (blablablh) " in commandline, all i can reach is maya 6 renderer.
i find that by changing the enviromental variables in system property: Path from the maya 6 path to maya 5 path, now render will trigger maya 5

since i got a few projects some of them using maya 5 some using maya 6. each time when i render frm comanline i got to change the env variables by hand on EVERY render machine!!!

is there any way to include a command in my .bat so that my env variables can be set from the bat ? or any other method ?



I don’t have try it with 2 maya installed, but you can try to locate with that :

cd program files\aliaswavefront\maya5.0\bin (your bin directory)
render (your .mb path)
I’m not really aware of that but …


i tried this method b4
, i somehow had it works b4

but now all my new system doesn’t work using this method i dunno why
it will just stick ot the enviromental var path


Just use the full path to the version of maya you want to render to in the batch file.


full path? i tried but full path with switches seems not working, or i cant figure out the syntax
can you write one sample line? thanks


just one hint:

maya 6.0 has a bug in the command line render. the -rd flag is broken and funnily expects the path you write to have forward slashes on windows…

reported and logged




Odd, I don’t ever use forward slashes for my rendering from the command line in Maya 6 and it works fine. I use double backslashes though so not sure if that makes a difference.


you use the -renderDirectory flag on a windows machine?
the rest is still backward slashed…
answer from alias about it:

Hello Alex,

I have been able to reproduce the problem and it looks like the -rd flag is broken.

I have logged a bug for you in this regard and it should be resolved in a future update.



You have to put the full command and path in quotes since “Program Files” has a space in it (retarded windows).


ya I use the -rd e:\images\renders\ filename.mb and it works like a charm. Or if I’m rendering to another computer at home I’ll use -rd //mycomp//share//images// filename.mb.


bill, good to know that this works…




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