COMING SOON TO HCR: Heavy Metal...


The next Challenge will be called:
Heavy Metal…

Just imagine a challenge where you could create your favorite artificial/cybernetic beings.

Here is the listI have compiled so far:

[li][Maria]( - Metropolis[/li][li]Gort-[The Day the Earth Stood Still]([/li][li]Briareos Hecatonchires - Appleseed[/li][li]Robocop -Robocop[/li][li]ED-209 Robocop[/li][li]Robocop2 - Robocop 2[/li][li]Cylon- Battlesstar Galactica (1978)[/li][li]Cylon Centurion -Battlestar Galactica (2003)[/li][li]Robby the Robot- Forbidden Planet,[/li][li]The Robot- Lost in Space[/li][li]The Drones -Silent Running[/li][li]R2-D2 -Star Wars[/li][li]C-3PO- Star Wars[/li][li]Kryten- Red Dwarf[/li][li]K9- Dr Who[/li][li]The Daleks-Dr Who[/li][li]Mechagodzilla -Godzilla[/li][li]V.I.N.CENT., B.O.B, Maximillian -The Black Hole[/li][li]Marvin the Paranoid AndroidThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy[/li][li]Tik-TokReturn to Oz[/li][li]T-101 [color=white]Terminator 2: Judgment Day[/color][/li][li]T-1000Terminator 2: Judgment Day[/li][li]Bender- Futurama[/li][li]Sentinel-The Matrix[/li][/ul]Human looking artifical beings.
[li]Pris -Blade Runner[/li][li]Roy Batty -Blade Runner[/li][li][Six]( Battlestar Galactica[/li][li]Sharon- Battlestar Galactica[/li][li][Bishop]([[color=white]Aliens]([/color][/li][li]Data- Star Trek Next Gen[/li][/ul]


You should add Johnny 5 from short circuit.


heres some silhouettes of robomen, i cant figure them all out. but you might want to add some to your list.


do we have to create one from a concept that allready exists ?or we have to do everithing from scratch ?


very great !

always is has modelate cain for robocop 2 !



If someone wants to do something robocop…

robocop archive


We tend to favor existing creations. That way we can have a marker on how good your work is…


Wow that is soo cool!

Almost forgot:
the Robots from MST3K!
Rock em Sockem Robots!
Droids from Star Wars…
Tin Man for the Wizard of OZ


What about characters from comics, i.e. Sentinels, Forge, Cable…


nice! I will join for sure!! i’m not to sure what will I do but here some idea!


Well we are aiming more for Robots and artificial entities…

This means that, The Sentinels, The Manhunters and Ultron are in.


I gave a rather strange question… Models that aren’t textured, are they accepted in the challenge? Because I now continuely model different things, but I have no great experience in texturing. And I’m worried that bad textures will ‘kill’ my model.


Yeah, but you have The Six Million Dollar Man on your list. He is a just a man augmented with bionics, which opens up a whole other can of worms in terms of cyborgs. So if he is on there, then Cable and Iron Man can be seen in the same light.

As for Collossus, I would say no. There are no machine parts or cybernetic systems. He is a mutant that transforms with a “organic steel” (as they put it on wikipedia).


You got a point…
The Six million Dollar man is out.



I’m a huge fan of Appleseed and Briareos Hecatonchires - Appleseed is the one I’d like to do. I think that all of these characters would be fine since you also said artificial/cybernetics- because in essence Briareos is a human that was severely injured and is the first human to be able to adapt to such a large number of cybernetics being almost completely robotic, so I would think that him or any human character with robot accessories would suffice under the “cybernetics” title. Darth Vader is another cyborg correct?


He is already on the list since he almost completley robotic…


well I guess if Robocop counts then so do Cybermen? [GO DOCTOR WHO :scream:]


Yes they do…



*Batteries not included. If one’s not enough of a challenge there are 5 total, the 2 parent fix-its and Flotsam, Jetsam and Wheems


They are in!