Ah man, 10 drawings a day for 30 days? Oooof. It can be done, though. Pretty exciting, actually. Also really looking forward to the hayao miyazaki bit.

How will we know when these get started? Can I just subscribe here for that sort of thing? (just learning my way around how DSF works at this point)

great ideas!



I will start with the Matte painting bit in a few days.


wow discovered the day skecth only recently it’s AWESOME !!


I think Monday Morning Comic Creators Club is an excelent idea and also
Draw in the Style of: sorting an artist every now and then but for now Miyazaki sounds fine.


Hey this is my first time really LOOKING at the DSF and some of these sound really fun.
I work a lot but I hope to give some a shot. :cool:
How does the forum work? You announce that one sketch starts and is over on a particular date, then post results to this forum? :curious:


hey everyone and Roberto,

I was just wondering… some time ago there was a rumor about a new voting and evaluation system, a totally re-vamping of the whole DSF section.

Maybe I missed a new announcement about its destiny, but what happened to that idea? From what I remember Roberto was pretty far into developing the whole thing?


Well I had to put it in the backburner…For now I want to concentrate on getting our Sketchbook section up.


oh, I see…

But what is the sketchbook section about? I’ve been… on the dark side of the moon, probably…:smiley:


I asked about it with the higher ups, and I will speak to them about it at the SIGGRAPH conference next month.

Ill keep you updated.



reply at the speed of light, btw…:slight_smile:

hope you’re having a good time, compay.


when are all these things getting start
do you have any date in mind ? :slight_smile:
just wondering


The hometown matte painting has only one major flaw to it.

Not all towns even existed 100 years ago…
I live in Colorado, and the town I live in was created after WWII. Before that, it was just prairie…

I too, like the more creative, less “you need to do LOTs of research” themes. The 25 hairstyles sounds fun as anything, as does the 25 articles of clothing…Makes me think of the old funny paper dolls



Doesn’t that make it more interesting?
I jest.
But I definitely agree on the Draw in the Style of and 25 styles themes. Would make excellent pages for our own future reference when character designs just need a little more spice. I might do that one on my own tomorrow.

Definitely the Draw in the Style of would be good for me. I never seem to land on a style and that makes all my artwork, even of my own characters, very inconsistent. Plus I’m still learning a lot so that makes things change.


[li]300 Drawings in 30 days[/li][li]Draw in the Style of: Hayao Migazaki[/li][li]Draw in the Style of: Frazetta[/li][li]Hyper review: Draw 25 Clothing items[/li][li]Hyper review: Draw 25 hairstyles[/li][li]More crossovers with Bobby chui Subway Sketchclub[/li][li]Another SCAVENGER HUNT[/li][li]2008 Calendar[/li][/ul]These are my favorites. I like Bobby Chui. Actually, I like a lot of people’s art on here. XD
Hopefully I don’t miss the boat on these things. >_>


Hope this forum is noob friendly :stuck_out_tongue:
Will try to participate here asswell,
Great ideas !


draw in the style of Myazaki sounds good
and it gives pleasant to our ears.


Yes, if there are not any threads on Hayao Miyazaki already it would be quite something!


i can also try ma hands on ma sketches…but will need a lots of practice before putting it here :arteest:


when is this all set to Kick off ? pretty excited, just got a new place time to settle down and get back into my DSF


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