First yes I am still coding… (more on that later)

Ok some of the special topics that I have in mind are:
[li]Star Wars Steampunk II (Concept art for 3d sculpting)[/li][li]FXWARS REAL Space Combat (Concept art for an FXWARS)[/li]based on a thread on the Bad Astronomy forum…
[li]300 Drawings in 30 days[/li][li]Monday Morning Comic Creators Club[/li][li]Draw in the Style of: Hayao Migazaki[/li][li]Draw in the Style of: Frazetta[/li][li]Sherlock holmes: A New Era[/li][li]Hyper review: Draw 25 Clothing items[/li][li]Hyper review: Draw 25 hairstyles[/li][li]More crossovers with Bobby chui Subway Sketchclub[/li][li]Another SCAVENGER HUNT[/li][li]2008 Calendar [/li][/ul]-R


These are exciting ideas Roberto, I like more cross over work with the other challenges, perhaps another hardcore modeling challange too…

I am cringing at the 300 drawings in 30 days…that one will be tough

also look forward to your new voting tech


Awesome. More like this! :smiley:


what’s the scavenger hunt?


Over a wekend you have to sketch items from a list based on life.
the person who sketches the more items wins.



Im REALLY interested in the StarWars, 300 drawings in 30 days, and Draw in the style of’s… cuz it would be cool to try a technique and look thats not our own, maybe even learn some new things by doing so that will influence a new style in us as well. Oh and the monday morning comic club, i loved making comics with friends in junior high.


Definitely can’t wait for another SW Steampunk theme. Also the 300 drawings sounds awesomely hard, and Sherlock Homes would be fun to give an update.


[/ul]Is that basically what combat between real life spaceships and physics would look like?


Funny you ask that…


Oh good, I know where the Bad Astronomy forum is now :smiley:


Well I am ALREADY working on a fxwars challenge that I will need concept art.

Space Jumper: Spacesuit WIP

and the fxwars challenge will be based on this article:


Wow, sounds really interesting!

I love the “draw in the style of…” and “25 clothing items” and “25 hairstyles”

It sounds challenging and very fun! I think that it will really “force” us to try new things :slight_smile:


second that.


draw in the style of Myazaki sounds good.


Another idea is:

Matte painting: My town 100 years ago. This one would require A LOT of research.


Ah man, 10 drawings a day for 30 days? Oooof. It can be done, though. Pretty exciting, actually. Also really looking forward to the hayao miyazaki bit.

How will we know when these get started? Can I just subscribe here for that sort of thing? (just learning my way around how DSF works at this point)

great ideas!



I will start with the Matte painting bit in a few days.


wow discovered the day skecth only recently it’s AWESOME !!


I think Monday Morning Comic Creators Club is an excelent idea and also
Draw in the Style of: sorting an artist every now and then but for now Miyazaki sounds fine.


Hey this is my first time really LOOKING at the DSF and some of these sound really fun.
I work a lot but I hope to give some a shot. :cool:
How does the forum work? You announce that one sketch starts and is over on a particular date, then post results to this forum? :curious: