Humm we should do something special with that thread…
Any ideas?



something having to do with seasons?


something related to cgtalk! :slight_smile:


Avatar birthday party!!
Avatars behaving well for once…or maybe not…:twisted:


Now THAT’s a good idea! me votes for that :scream:


-Go Nuts: A year of Daily Sketch Group
-Annual Avatar World War
-Guess who just turned 1

I like the idea of a avatar behaving nice party theme as well


Hmmmm…I would say something that hasn’t been done yet here…

I wonder what that is…
Maybe…more concept/painting design perhaps…:shrug:


A good strategy to drag more people into the DSG?

<-Stumbled in drunkenly, not here often enough. You need more regulars.


Pixel Art.


For 365 thread? Uhmmm… haven’t a clue.
“Today’s your Birthday!” starts singing the Beatles

Eh… if you got a better idea, go right ahead. :smiley:

Besides having this special thread, how about a Vote for Your Favorite Sketch of the Year?


Man, are you telling me I’ve been hanging around this place for almost a year?! :slight_smile:

Let’s send each other birthdaycards.


How about Freefall? Note who made the first topic suggestion. :eek:

First birthday/anniversary cards would be a good idea.

  • smorgasbord of topics. Choose your favorite topic of the last year and give yourself a second chance.
  • No limits at all something like the go nuts suggestion supervlieg made; a tribute to creativity.
  • i like that bday cards and first topic revisited suggestion.


Create a “Join the CGTalk Daily Sketch Group” or “The CGTalk Daily Sketch Group is 1!” poster/add/invataion/card…

  • Avatar Multiple Personality Disorder group awareness meeting
  • things that come in high numbers
  • Avatar Class Reunion (too American an idea?)
  • Avatar Board Meeting
  • Avatar Annual Award Ceremony (kind of like the Oscars)
  • Art2’s idea of birthday cards, good idea…we could make it “A first birthday card from CGTalk Avatar(s)” if we want to make it more CGTalk related
  • design a logo for “365”

We already did an Avatar New Year’s party, so dunno, the Birthday party might be repetitive.
I do like the idea of picking any topic done throughout the last year - but then judging might be even more difficult than it already is, huh?

Supervleig - by the way, you changing your Avatar around lately is messing with my head. Yesterday there was no chicken, today the chicken is back, but he’s different. I think my brain may implode…either that or I took too much allergy medication today! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I was in avatar limbo. Im cooled off now, so this one will probably stick for some time :smiley:

Avatars behaving well for once..

I vote for this one too … IF

…we get an Avatar Battle Royale right after that cause
I haven’t yet been in an avatar war and I’m thirsting for blood!

  • What about romance between avatars?:smiley:
  • Something apocalyptic
  • I like the idea of the “Join the DSG” propaganda - something movie posteresque


I like it! I might even change my avatar to a female pirate for that sole purpose. Hey, I have a WIP just begging for a big, cool pirate hat…I could use that.


How this place has grown :slight_smile: Have to get more active again and not get discouraged! So come on, lets celebrate.